3.18.0d Hotfix 1

Still not removing Effigy? not going back to PoE then, Tencent is trash.
Dont buy supporter packs until the game is fixed.
Finally. Good job guys.
Fixed a longstanding bug where text could become mangled.

For the love of social updates; please give us the inside info the the mangled text. What even was the actual bug?
I would like to see a death report in PoE after dying. That could help me understand what I did wrong as a casual player.
Still no HH buff ?
Still no improvements on UI sentinel & stash being full ?
Stil no improvements on blue and yellow mobs being stronger than boss maps ?

There is a few others things that I could have listed, but please don't push hotfixes, when you know there is harder problems to fix before.. I just don't understand why it take you so long to make those adjustment...

Still love the game but please be quicker on those adjustment, or test it way more beforehand. League is 7/10 right now, could be 10 with those adjustments.
GGG please revert rare changes
Where Headhunter fix?
- mangled text mutters something disparaging about Chris Wilson that no one could understand, then rage quits and deletes its account.
After the hotfix me and other people have issues loading zones with permanent loading screens

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