3.18.0d Hotfix 1

where is HH buff ?
Where's the AN fix where its removed or turned into optional content with a reward?
Fixed a longstanding bug where text could become mangled.

Finally! One of the most annoying bugs for me, and I am really glad you managed to pin it down. GJ, GGG.
Bring Back Krangled Text peepoRiot

On a more serious note .. glad to see that the Celestial Rain MTX was finally fixed, though I do wonder at the morality of selling it knowing that it was bugged.
You guys going to fix HeadHunter of not?

Fuck hh and An mods right?

Let's hope something happens next league since as a courtesy, 2 weeks into a league it becomes abandoned. Pathetic (verysadfacepicture)
Please FIX HH and 5 way

Please reduce the number of volatile that can proc in short time!

You are sometime followed by +10 chaos volatile all long making impossible to stop for more than 0.5 sec.Or you have to realy stop for long time without damaging any monster to be sure dont create more volatile its just borring and avoid ppl from playing the game
there is some map where i spend pretty much more time wayting the end of AOE/volatile than doing the map itself .... clearly not fun at all
By leniak
This patch is making me crash even more...
you must be fix ligue. all ligue have problem.

BTW Remove HH, this would fix the next LONGSTANDING crash.
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