[3.18] OUTDATED Arakaali's Fang Necromancer

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Arakaali's Fang: The Viper Strike skill used by Raised Spiders now has a base Poison duration of 4 seconds (previously 8 seconds) and no longer has 25% of Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage. Player now gains 15% increased Poison Damage per Spider (previously 12%).

- Nerfs spider damage, haven't ran the numbers but its a large nerf.

Problem: Hydrosphere was previously commonly used to provide an extra target to hit, allowing many skills to benefit from extra damage splashing, projectile chain and so on against single targets. A cooldown was added to being able to hit Hydrosphere in patch 3.17.0, but this cooldown is necessarily per entity, meaning that Hydrosphere still provides an enormous damage bonus in cases where many different entities are hitting it (most notably minion builds).

Solution: Only allow Hydrosphere to be hit by the entity that cast it.

- Hydrosphere is dead, we will no longer use it.

The Spirit Offering Skill gem no longer grants Elemental or Chaos Resistance to Minions, and no longer causes Minions to gain a percentage of their Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage. It instead now grants Minions 110% increased Critical Strike Chance at gem level 1, up to 148% at gem level 20. It also grants Minions +30% to Critical Strike Multiplier at gem level 1, up to +39% at gem level 20.

- Spirit offering is now useless for us. Flesh offering is still a good alternative.

The Necromancer's Unnatural Strength Notable Ascendancy Passive Skill no longer provides +2 to Level of all Minion Skill Gems. Instead, it now grants Minions Unholy Might.

- This is now a very good node to take, large dps in crease over any other 4th ascendancy option.

Minions no longer have hidden penalties to Bleeding, Ignite, and Poison damage. Summon Reaper no longer has a hidden bonus to Bleeding damage that counteracted this penalty. As a result, minions now deal approximately twice as much Poison damage, three and a half times as much Ignite damage, and seven times as much Bleeding damage.
Minions now gain the same bonuses from Endurance, Frenzy and Power Charges as players do, rather than the significantly elevated bonuses that other Monsters gain.

- If the first quote applies to spiders, this will be a huge damage increase. I'm not sure if it will, but if it does it will be good.

- Charges being less effective on our spiders will hurt early game builds, but doesn't affect late game.

I only skimmed through the manifesto changes but at the very least it's a sidegrade to the build. Should still be playable, I won't be updating this build for 3.19 much until i've played it and verify how things feel itself.

spell suppression will be a bit harder to get but i saw minion itemization is a bit easier so maybe that helps us get more damage

- Smooth clear
- Very high survivability
- Very good single target
- Extremely flexible, many setups will work and you will almost always have another upgrade to reach for on this build.
- 99% content viable, the only things not doable are scenarios in which you cannot deal physical or chaos damage.
- Can be done on a budget as small as the price of arakaali's fang, and be scaled all the way up to having hundreds of exalts put into it and still have room for upgrades.

- Not the most league-start viable unless you are able to make enough currency day 1.
- Not SSF viable
- You may dislike the spider summoning mechanic
- Socket Starved
- Low regen without investment

Path of Building

Leveling Trees: https://pobb.in/iVbuwzcL45Ax (Guide in notes)

Budget: https://pastebin.com/eBn9x44k (price breakdown in notes)

Mid tier: https://pastebin.com/XDP448CE

High tier CWC SETUP: https://pobb.in/mLbD6vdurDAU

High tier NO CWC SETUP:: https://pastebin.com/9SH9HCzZ (most up-to-date)

no cwc is absolutely better feeling but im too lazy to make lower budget pobs for them but i'm sure its not very difficult to change things up



BUDGET Uber Shaper: https://youtu.be/-iBEm5_ALbc
BUDGET Uber Eater: https://youtu.be/R50bI2Kc11A
Mid-Tier Uber Sirus: https://youtu.be/ghiGnXEdB7c
Mid Tier Uber Maven: https://youtu.be/srJnP6L9bAA

Uber Shaper: https://youtu.be/fdVjsOJgAfk
Uber Uber Elder: https://youtu.be/lAn7-knMCXA
Uber Cortex: https://youtu.be/xSOl4gub27g
Uber Sirus: https://youtu.be/SW6B2kXxqIs
Uber Maven: https://youtu.be/WFOSjXvghuk
275% Quant Feared: https://youtu.be/uixWv26WTB4
Juiced 100% Delirious T16 Crimson Temple: https://youtu.be/NF1CQhrQMwg
Wave 30 Sim: https://youtu.be/P_2cfcfyGTw


No Squire? No Problem!

This build works completely fine without squire, you will be lacking the damage to comfortably do the absolute pinnacle content of the game, but you will be able to complete it with effort and you will be able to complete everything under it too.


Use tytykiller's absolution leveling guide until level 53 or 60, where you can swap to arakaali's fang (or 60 for writhing jar for an easier time).

Leveling Trees: https://pobb.in/iVbuwzcL45Ax (Guide in notes)



Yes, my gear is good. This build is completely viable without squire, aul's uprising, mageblood, or my expensive jewels.

This is what I used before mageblood (different rings to fill resistances)

Early Gear

The build will function with Arakaali's fang and any shield of your choice out of; Victario's Charity (my personal go to 1c budget shield), Aegis Aurora, The Squire, or even a rare shield.

Ancient Skull is a dirt cheap unique which gives your minions a whopping 50% attack speed and attack damage (we use it in every version of the build, but it disables your ability to run spectres/AG without investing into them if thats what you're into.)

Gravebinds are okay, but quite bait as if your minions kill anything with your poison DOT damage, the kill counts as yours anyways. It still has its QoL use but its not worth dropping a glove slot for IMO

For belts either use a good rare stygian vise or a darkness enthroned stygian vise; I much prefer a rare stygian but you can use darkness enthroned with an Amanamu's gaze + two more ghastly eye jewels in it to reach the 5 jewel cap with only 3 jewels due to darkness enthroned's unique effect.

For amulet, if you can't afford any of the aul's uprising that are useful for us, again just use a rare amulet that fills out stats you need or want.

Affix Priority
On rares, your priority for affixes should look like this:
- Resistances you need
- Life
- Spell Suppression (you really want to hit 100%)
- Stats you need
- Minion Damage
- Minion Speed (QoL, not needed.)

If you use the Victario's Charity shield, MAKE SURE you are using a skill which you actively hit mobs with relatively fast to give your spiders frenzy charges i.e cyclone (on at least map bosses and harder) OR (not reccomended) spec into the necromantic aegis keystone if you're lazy and can do without the shield stats.


These are the flasks I used before mageblood, there are just too many versions and swaps to use with mageblood that I won't bother listing them.

mageblood tldr: triple ele flasks + one of your choice, suffixes depend on your specific setup.


For our jewels, there is a very large amount of options available for us to use.

For our cluster jewel(s), you will eventually want a 12 passive minion damage large cluster jewel similar to this:

The strength is an added benefit, and if you were struggling with resistance you could try to find one or craft one with resistances you need, but those are more expensive.

Now, this is quite expensive to obtain from either crafting it yourself or buying one in trade, but fret not as a scuffed wheel with 10 passives such as this one will work fine on a budget:

In one large cluster jewel you will be socketing both quickening and fortress covenenant. You can replace these with really good ghastly jewels in the future, but for damage they are hard to beat otherwise unless you need the ghastly jewels to cap amanamu's gaze.

I don't use it currently as I don't have enough open jewel sockets for it to be effective: but an Amanamu's Gaze ghastly eye jewel with 4 other ghastly eye jewels on our build is a very juicy dps increase, though its fairly expensive at the moment. I dropped it because as I put more and more non-ghastly eye jewels in my build, it gets less effective.

For a watcher's eye, your options will vary depending on what you want but generally it will be only defensive options for us. Right now I use a %phys damage reduction determination + unaffected by bleeding malevolence so I can replace a flask suffix on my mageblood setup, what you want will change depending on your setup.

For your ghastly eye jewels, the best modifiers are:
+# to maximum life
Minions deal #% Increased Damage if you've used a minion skill recently
Minions deal # to # additional physical damage
Minions have #% Increased Attack Speed
Minions have #% chance to blind on hit with attacks (only 1 jewel)

I use a Glorious Vanity Timeless Jewel on the Doryani variant socketed in the jewel socket next to Zealot's Oath for the Corrupted Soul keystone.

For the small nodes in your doryani jewel, we only pick up 3 small nodes that get changed so it's not a big deal what they are but #%maximum life and #% increased effect of non-curse auras are nice extra bonuses.

I have two forbidden flame setups which are absolutely not necessary, I swap between them depending on what content I'm running.


Before you obtain squire, you should be using Divergent Melee Splash Support, Melee Physical Damage Support or Multistrike Support (they make clear/single target feel a bit different respectively) and Divergent Withering Touch Support

Once you obtain a squire, you will put Multistrike, Melee Physical, and Divergent Withering Touch, in your arakaali's fang, and you will put Divergent Melee Splash, Anomalous Predator, and Divergent Minion Damage in your squire.

FOR MAPPING, if you feel as if you have enough damage you can replace minion damage support with minion speed support.

The rest of the gem setups are in the PoB


Helmet: Flesh offering % attack speed, Spirit Offering gain #% phys as extra chaos, Despair Curse Effect, or any reservation enchant you may need. (If you don't use flesh offering, you can drop mistress of sacrifice for corpse pact or bone barrier.)

Gloves: Commandment of the Grave, not needed, but may as well get it if you're running lab and see it.

Boots: #% chance to not be stunned if killed recently or #% life regenerated per second if you've been hit recently (I prefer this one)

Belt: Enemies withered by you have -6% to All Resistances. Use this with withering step or occultist's ascendancy node to wither things around you.

Gear Progression

- Arakaali's Fang + Victario's Charity + Ancient Skull
- Rares to fill out life and resistance and spell suppression (you can upgrade these incrementally too)
- Ghastly jewels (upgrade as needed)
- Shitty Large Cluster (a shitty 8 passive works if you're very budget)
- Doryani Glorious Vanity
- Ancient Skull Flesh Offering Enchant
- Good influenced implicits on rares (upgrade as needed)
- Watcher's Eye* (upgrade if wanted)

Mid tier
- Aegis Aurora (I have never used this shield, but I know others who have and it's a dps loss but a defence increase. Choose at your own will.)
- Divergent Melee Splash
- Anamanu's Gaze (I drop this eventually as I'm jewel socket starved)
- Aul's Uprising (any 50% aura you use)
- Enlighten 3/4 Aura Setup
- Ancient Skull Spirit Offering Enchant (Optional, you can swap to spirit offering, you may drop mistress of sacrifice if you do. More damage, less utility, less move speed.)
- Good Large Cluster (12passive,35% effect 3% attack speed, anything else is bonus)

High tier
- The Squire (Feel free to get this earlier, if you so choose to. It's the biggest upgrade in the build.)
- Alt Qual gems
- Great Large Cluster (if the one you got earlier wasn't good enough. Try to get t1 life + 35% effect + 3% attack speed and any last mod you want.)
- Awakened Gems
- REALLY good ghastly jewels. If you get good enough jewels you can replace fortress/quickening covenant and try to fit Amanamu's gaze back in.
- Forbidden Flame + Flesh (Profane Bloom = Mapping, Void Beacon = Bossing)
- Mageblood

*I love determination phys reduction, but you can also get +#% spell suppression while affected by grace if you need to cap your suppression badly.


In this build, there aren't many items we need to craft. But I will explain how I made the ones I use.

Large Cluster Jewel: Buy ilvl84 12 passive minion base, alt spam until hit 35%effect + 3%attack speed, either settle with it magic for later, yolo regal and pray, or imprint + harvest craft "upgrade magic to rare, adding 2 (high tier) mods" and keep doing so until you hit your desired mods. (ideally, t1 life and something else you need, chaos res, ele res, strength, or dex)

Body armor/gloves/boots: For these, I just bought a whole bunch of the bases at i86+, essence spam one for high life; essence spam another for something else I wanted i.e chaos resistance, recombinate them onto the same base, then recombinate that base onto one with t1 spell suppression. You can do it in different orders, doesn't really matter.

Ghastly Eye jewels: just spam harvest reforge life or alt spam to hit them, not the hardest.

Make sure you have at least one open prefix on your chestplate for the gravicious gain #% life as extra es craft!

Gem Interactions

- Divergent Melee Splash gets rid of the "deals #% less damage to surrounding enemies" (3% less without squire, 15% MORE with squire)

The skill our spiders use, Viper strike, like all strikes, actually hits in a small area where it’s used. Putting hydrosphere on the boss means that when the spiders use viper strike on it, they’ll also hit the sphere with viper strike, which will cause melee splash to hit the boss for the extra damage

GGG tried to nerf this last patch, and they did but not for us. As long as you the player or party member isn't hitting the hydrosphere with anything (as that will put it on cd), it still works. This means it does not perform very well while being in a CwC + cyclone setup anymore, you're better off self casting it on bosses.

What ggg did: if a player hits the hydrosphere it puts it on a short cd to prevent over abuse.

What ggg missed: minions however does not trigger this on hit. It's clearly an oversight and I expect it to be gone next league, but for now you are free to abuse it

- Anomalous Predator Support gives us a skill called Signal Prey which allows us to target an enemy, giving them -#% ALL resistances and also letting our minions actually target them, even if they're being affected by our Ancient Skull, they still listen.


You have three choices with offerings; Bone offering, Flesh Offering, and Spirit offering. I will go through all three here.

Bone offering: Only useful if you're running mistress of sacrifice as your spiders can't take damage anyways. No bonus damage, but gives you a hefty boost to your block which can help during some encounters but generally isn't the most worthwhile unless you want to run a block-variant of the build.

Flesh Offering: Decent dps and speed boost to our spiders; and can also be a nice boost to our movement and attack speed if you use mistress of sacrifice. The helmet enchant is also cheaper than spirit offering.

Spirit Offering: More damage than flesh offering, but less utility and unless you're using it to cap resistances; mistress of sacrifice doesn't do anything if you use this one.


Most raise spider players seem to be playing occultist, I play necromancer but both are viable, I'll list reasons why I take necromancer over occultist here.

Occultist has:

Malediction: We only have run one curse in Despair, and if we really wanted to run two we could just allocated whispers of doom since we path right next to it on the tree, and the malediction debuff is the same exact thing as the Plaguebringer. It is effectively just a +1 curse +15% effect of curses passive.

Profane Bloom: Very good ascendancy node, but with the introduction of forbidden flame and flesh in 3.17, we can now obtain it while staying necromancer, and it is also not necessary either way as clear is fine without it.

Void Beacon: Another useful node for us, but just like Profane Bloom it is something obtainable while staying necromancer and gives us a hefty boost to single target, reducing chaos resistance of enemies around us even further.

Withering Presence: Okay node, 15% more chaos damage doesn't seem to affect our minions, and the wither aspect of it IS useful if you have the wither belt enchant which requires YOU to wither (which is still obtainable via withering step), and then chaos resistance which I personally don't need.

Necromancer has:

Commander of Darkness: More attack speed, more damage, more resistances to free up some suffixes on gear.

Mindless Aggression: More Damage.

Plaguebringer: similar to the malediction debuff, more damage and less damage taken.

Mistress of Sacrifice: More skill effect duration for our spider uptime and having offerings affect us gives us a huge attack, cast, and movement speed steroid which is super nice to have. It also gives you a shit ton of block and spell block if you run bone offering over flesh offering. Or both at the same time if you use Leash of Oblation (I don't because I am gem socket starved and, well mageblood.)

If you only run spirit offering - mistress of sacrifice is pretty unneeded unless you need it to cap your resistances, if you aren't somehow. If you drop it; either run Corpse Pact or Bone Barrier.

Corpse Pact: Free shock+chill on everything around our desecrate, pretty good especially if you're running with a cyclone+cwc setup. I use spirit offering over flesh offering right now so I take this over mistress of sacrifice. You may want to take mistress + flesh offering if you feel slow, you will do less dps but it will probably feel better if you are feeling slow. I personally don't so I take spirit offering + corpse pact.

Bone Barrier: 20% more life recovery rate and 10% extra phys reduction while our spiders are up. The bone barrier skill is a shitty guard skill I would not bother using.

Comparing these ascendancies, I believe necromancer is the better choice as the only two ascendancies you want from Occultist are things you need at different times, so you can swap between forbidden flame/flesh setups when need be like me, or just keep one or the other in if you're lazy.

If you chose occultist, you would be missing out on more from necromancer than the other way around, and that's why I am sticking with necromancer.

If you want to do simulacrum on the more budget side; occultist is probably a better choice if you don't have profane bloom forbidden jewels.

Defensives and Auras:

For our defensive layers we use several things;
- High armor with vaal molten shell + molten shell cwdt
- High evasion with ghost shrouds
- Capped spell suppression
- Decent hybrid life-es pool with decent recovery for both of them.
- A very small amount of block from our shield (and some spell block if you run tempest shield)

On our tree we have three defensive keystones;
- Corrupted Soul
- Ghost Dance
- Lethe Shade

- Corrupted Soul from our Glorius Vanity Timeless Jewel gives us 15% of our maximum life as extra energy shield and makes 50% of all non-chaos damage we take go through our energy shield. Combine the 15% from that with 10% from the Gravicius body armor crafted mod; and we get at least 25% of our health as extra ES.

- As we don't have any actual ES Regeneration, we need a way to recover it so we use the Ghost Dance keystone combined with high evasion to restore quite a bit of ES every time we expend a Ghost Shroud.

- This patch especially; there are an extremely high amount of degens in the game right now, Lethe Shade is designed to counter them by making us take 50% less damage over time if we started taking damage over time in the past second. You don't ALWAYS need it on, but in content that is degen heavy you will notice a huge improvement in your survivability against degen effects.

- For my auras, I use an Aul's Uprising (Determination version) for free determination (any 50% aura you use works fine, ideally grace or determination as those we will never drop), and my aura links will vary depending on what version of the build I'm playing; but as of recently it's a 6 link aura setup in my chestplate with:
- Blasphemy + Despair
- Grace
- Malevolence
- Defiance Banner
Then on my ring I have aspect of the spider; and we have free determination from my amulet.

You could replace defiance banner with tempest shield in the body armor; but then I would have to drop aspect of the spider.

Spell suppression vs Block
Block is a fake defensive layer. It is all RNG based with no entropy; eventually you will not block something and it will kill you. With the new uber bosses, several of their attacks are also now unblockable so your defensive layer is useless and you must dodge the attack as facetanking it will likely kill you as you don't have proper defensive layers after block.

Basically, why would you make your character prone to random one shots if you get unlucky, than be able to consistently tank all the hits no matter what and also be able to dodge them with high evasion? Combine that with capped spell suppression which is way more consistent than block, and you have a much more consistent set of defensive layers

If you're using spell suppression; its either 100% or 0%. The reason why its so much better than block is because you can actually cap it at 100% making it consistent. If you aren't going to cap it then you are better off just using different defensive layers, because you lose the main reason why we use it and should just go use a better RNG defense.


For your major pantheon, use Soul of the Brine King with all divine vessels activated unless you have another form of freeze immunity.

If you are freeze/chill immune, use Soul of Araakali (heh) with all divine vessels activated.

For your minor pantheon, you use Soul of Ryslatha with the captured divine vessel. There is no question, you use this minor pantheon or the build efficiency on bosses goes down the shitter.

Spider Mechanics

You can have a maximum of 20 spiders up at once. Each one gives you 2% attack speed which makes shield charge feel very nice for this build with how much free attack speed we get from our ascendancy choices, we don't even need spiritual command.

Simply Desecrate Twice, hold divine ire and pop your writhing jar and you should get 18-20 spiders without fail unless you did it in a too enclosed area or something killed the worms before YOU did. (Gravebind stops that, but it's not worth it as the item is proper shit)

You can use a Divine ire + cast while channeling + desecrate setup for less buttons to press, but we are extremely socket starved and I can't fit it in, besides we have enough cast speed to make casting desecrate and offering feel fast enough anyways.

While mapping, mobs that die to the poison DOT your spiders inflict count as you killing the mob, so you will also be able to spawn plenty of spiders from the packs they kill as well provided the corpses are nearby.

If you find yourself not summoning the full 20 spiders at a time (it happens), if you want to cap your spiders at 20, make sure they're actively hitting something and then resummon. If they're idle and you try to resummon they will most likely hit the worms first and cuck your summoning.

Also, make sure to avoid standing in areas that are actively doing damage, as your worms may die to that instead of you.


CWC+Cyclone vs Selfcast

In my testing, since the nerf to hydrosphere where you cannot hit it or lose out on dps due to the fact that you activate the 1second delay that our minions ignore, I have decided that a more self-cast version of the build is better suited for general gameplay in everything EXCEPT simulacrum (imo). Simulacrum builds should use the cyclone+cwc setup and just selfcast hydrosphere on the boss, because if you hit your hydrosphere with cyclone its a big dps loss, so using it in a cwc setup is pretty useless compared to selfcast.

I have two versions of my hightier PoB; one with selfcast and one with a cwc setup. They aren't that hard to swap between if you have the gear, so don't be afraid to try.


So if you want to farm wave 30 simulacrum for your income you will want to be at least at divergent melee splash in gear progression. You will also want some form of crit reduction; so either run brass dome (not recommended with my setup due to corrupted soul + es from body + ghost dance and you will lose alot of spell suppression); or get a crit reduction watchers eye (and more from the tree or use a shield with crit reduction).

Spell suppression is one of the strongest things in simulacrum, I highly recommend it.

I also highly recommend using a quartz flask not only for spell suppression if needed but for phasing. Phasing is incredibly useful in simulacrum and will save your life on several occasions. Either run phasing or use a cyclone+cwc setup as despite what I say about thinking the other one is better; I think cyclone+cwc is slightly better for simulacrum due to the nature of it, but you will have to make sure you don't fuck up your hydrosphere with it.

Without squire and everything else setup properly and abusing the hydrosphere + melee splash interaction you should be at the very least able to get to the higher waves in simulacrum and should be able to complete it fairly regularly, as long as your defenses are up to speed.

Tips for Pinnacle Bosses

- Maven: do NOT put her degens in the middle, they heavily reduce action speed and when your spiders stand in them they will lose a LOT of dps, this makes phases where you kill the brain a fair bit longer.

In uber maven, do NOT try to face tank any of her abilities, especially her "Take this!" fireball attack. If you have vaal molten shell up, you should be able to tank cascade of pain, but the rest of her attacks do hurt.

- Shaper: This build pretty much trivializes both shaper & even uber shaper once your gear is good enough, just try to avoid the slam in uber shaper and make sure to not pop degens everywhere.

- Uber Elder: Same as shaper, the build makes the fight pretty easy, especially as your spiders do all the targeting for you, just use the anomalous predator support's signal prey ability when targeting the boss who is able to be hit. Especially at the end; if you don't, then when there is no shield on the Elder and he can't die due to the Shaper needing to die first; your minions may keep hitting him instead of the target you want. Anomalous Predator fixes that issue beautifully.

If you do not have squire while attempting this fight, I would heavily recommend swapping out something for predator. Being able to target the ads that drop degens and kill them fast is very important to a clean fight.

- Sirus: Do not stand in the red spinning lasers, do not sit in degen puddles, make sure you bring a quicksilver flask to the fight and ONLY use it during the meteor phase, especially on Uber Sirus.

In Uber Sirus, do NOT stand in the middle of the circle arena during his first 3 phases, his projection will spawn a mini storm that follow you around and can absolutely destroy you if you stand in it.

- Eater of Worlds: Stay close to him and circle him during his normal attacks and beam attacks, the further away you are from him the easier it is for his beam to hit, this attack can hurt, especially on the uber variant.

Make sure to avoid the tentacle slams during inescapable doom; in uber they have oneshot potential, especially if you stand in the middle.

Also try to avoid his blue aoe beam thing in inescapable doom; it makes you take more damage.

- Searing Exarch: Run around him during annihilation, do not stand in front of the flame wall during destruction or cleansing, for the ball phase stay calm and collected and dodge where you can, during uber your spiders will distract the ad that gets spawned so you can mostly focus on dodging.

During the ball phase, make sure you do NOT pop vaal molten shell until your normal molten shell has been activated and nearly used up, then pop it afterwards for the most efficiency. Your spiders will hit activate some of the balls for you, which can either save you or screw you.

- Cortex: This fight is kind of a joke really, make sure to run around and not get sucked in when he says "Feel the pull of the void!" and make sure to not stand in any of the big telegraphed AoE abilities they do.

The only time cortex can get sketchy is if he has super tank mods if your dps isn't high enough as you may get over-ran by degens. If you run a cortex and see "Monsters have #% chance to avoid poison", it's still very doable but if you're not that far progressed into the build you may struggle.

Other annoying mods include;
Monsters have #% increased AoE
Monsters have # additional projectiles
Monsters gain #% physical damage as element
(Generally these 3 above are only annoying if you get several of them at once)
Area has patches of Burning Ground (very rough if you don't have good regen)

The rest of them are generally fine, they may make the run take a bit longer but I wouldn't say more life or more resistance is annoying per se.

General Info

I probably said this stuff earlier but here's some more notes off the top of my head

- Wither effect DOES NOT affect the wither our minions apply via withering touch, don't fall for it.
- Until you can fit it in with enlighten 3/4 and an aul's uprising, we run malevolence + divine blessing linked to a life tap for a malevolence aura we can use on stronger mobs, as we don't need it up all the time anyways compared to grace.

- Make sure you cap spell suppression early on. If you decide to play a melding-variant of the build it's possible to drop it, but I think spell suppression is stronger than melding. Especially with how much easier it is to be capped spell suppression than to have melding up and running.

- Try to get one minion jewel with blind on hit OR accuracy with life, it will make our spiders go from 98% hit accuracy to 100%

Your major pantheon can be anything, but I think Brine King or Arakaali are the best depending on what you need.

- Do not worry about getting a GG large cluster jewel off the rip, a scuffed one for a few ex or even a few chaos will be way more efficient than buying a 4 mod 35% inc effect 3% attack speed +10 life +4% elemental res cluster

- Make sure your quickening and fortress covenant go into your two jewel sockets from your large cluster, or else you will get a very nasty downside from them. You could also replace these with really good normal ghastly jewels if you wanted, but good luck finding a good jewel to use that gives cb immunity.

- With divergent melee splash, putting a hydrosphere on a boss that your spiders are hitting will splash that % more damage hit from the sphere back onto the boss. More dps. Gooood.

- This build can do quite literally everything in the game as long as our spiders can inflict physical and chaos damage to a monster.


Q: No Specters / AG?

A: I can't reasonably fit them in my setup without taking out something important and they will die instantly in late game content as I don't scale their survivability at all.

Q: CWC vs Selfcast? Which is better

A: They both have pros and cons. CWC is a lot more convenient but has some annoying interactions and I feel like it's worse than selfcast in anywhere but sim. Selfcast you have to actually play the game but you get a lot more control and have more opportunities to deal more damage. You can use either setup anywhere, don't be afraid to divert from the path and test :).

Q: Why does your spider character have no more gear on?

A: I am the type of person to only want to play one build at a time, I wanted more currency to craft so I sold the character to make a new one (Cold reap inquisitor). There was nothing wrong with the build, that's just how I am :p. The only way I was even able to farm enough currency to reroll was from playing this build.

Q: Can I use brass dome?

A: Yes, but I think brass dome is a bandaid fix item that turns a shit build into something that can barely survive content. You're much better off actually itemizing correctly and using max-res eldritch implicits if you want to fit in melding.

Q: How is the recovery on this build?

A: Without mageblood or other investment, it's pretty shit. Witches don't naturally get much regen in their builds so you will either have to invest in life regen rate on gear or recoup on your tree (or both). Don't stand in degens and use your life flask properly.

If you have a mageblood; it's pretty easy to at least have around 500-600regen/second and be able to push it to around 1000

Q: Can I fit in Amanamu's Gaze even with forbidden flame/flesh jewels?

A: If you're using a stygian I believe it's worth running two really good ghastly jewels over quickening/fortress covenant with amanamu's gaze in the belt, you can also grab the jewel socket below gravepact for the last ghastly needed to cap it. If you have mageblood it still works but is a bit less efficient since we're down a jewel socket.

More will be added as I am asked or remember to add.

Ending Notes

I have not written a build guide before, so I am taking the layout from "Void's Spider Queen" build I saw while browsing what kinds of guides people have made for Arakaali's Fang, and I used tytykiller's absolution quick leveling guide for the leveling section of the PoB.

Feel free to ask me any questions about the build.
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I'm leveling one this week. Def gonna check your pob for inspiration, I got most pieces atm, no money for squire so I got aegis instead

First time playing the build, I'll try do get 40/40 with it this league
eduloots wrote:
I'm leveling one this week. Def gonna check your pob for inspiration, I got most pieces atm, no money for squire so I got aegis instead

First time playing the build, I'll try do get 40/40 with it this league

Hope it goes well, I just updated the PoB to fix some minor errors and disable things I don't actually use from the leveling process so if you got it from last night, check it again!
yeah, i love those litte motherfuc.... spiders ;D
fang droped in price, so nice timing.
But geting SPIRE is imposible for 99% of players ;) so most of us will hit DPS wall around 1-3kk.
Trying to fit arakali into skele mages build ;D
test12345Q wrote:
yeah, i love those litte motherfuc.... spiders ;D
fang droped in price, so nice timing.
But geting SPIRE is imposible for 99% of players ;) so most of us will hit DPS wall around 1-3kk.
Trying to fit arakali into skele mages build ;D

No, without squire this build can reach 5-7mil sirus dps with mediocre tier gear, any build getting less than that must have a huge gap in their build.
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Cool build. May pivot from skele mages to try something new.
About your Ascendancy pick.
Which one would be "tankier"?
I mean +1 Curse lets you run Temp Chains.
+60% Chaos resi helps against those chaos bombs from sentinel.
Ok I got to lvl 60 last night and am switching to fang tonight..

still buying some temp gear with life res and the rest of the pieces I can afford atm (20ex). I already have fang + aegis.
Themolchii wrote:
About your Ascendancy pick.
Which one would be "tankier"?
I mean +1 Curse lets you run Temp Chains.
+60% Chaos resi helps against those chaos bombs from sentinel.

I'm already chaos res capped, the 60 chaos res does nothing for me.

+1 curse does let you run a temp chains or enfeeble setup, but you could also just use 3 passive points and get whispers of doom on the tree while keeping our ascendancy.

I think in terms of "tankiness" both are similar, but necromancer is just more useful.
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eduloots wrote:
Ok I got to lvl 60 last night and am switching to fang tonight..

still buying some temp gear with life res and the rest of the pieces I can afford atm (20ex). I already have fang + aegis.

I haven't personally tried aegis as I normally go from victario's charity -> squire, I have friends who have tried it as well but let me know how it feels, I think before squire you really want to juice out as much damage as you can to do the content so I personally go for victario's charity.

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