3.18.0c Patch Notes

Please remove imunity that is all [My money spent]----->
idk why you dont just remove immunity altogether... or for that matter go back to the old rare system? idk why you guys are fixing things that arent broken and noone complained about.

i love you guys and poe is my fav game of all time but it's honestly currently in the worst states it's been in in years.... and thats coming off 3.17 which actually put the game in the best state it had been in in years. if 3.18 is indicative of the new vision of poe, i'll be moving onto other games. it feels cancerous to play right now. i shouldnt be frustrated trying to play a video game, and 3.18 is extraordinarily frustrating, slow paced, grind as fk, and altogether feels terrible to play. please revert the rare changes.
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codeb3nder wrote:
please test the game, or pay us to test

Yessss! Love it... I've made posts in the past saying this exact thing. No way this patch was tested at all. You only needed to step into the mud flats at launch to find that out. LOL
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GGG still believe that the best solution would be "not to go to the surgeon, but to anoint the gangrenous leg with iodine liquid and sprinkle with perfume to imagine that it does not stink". <_<

Just admit AN mods in core were a mistake and undo them at all.
Please remove immunities. They feel awful.

And please tone down the elemental resistances. They are completely overtuned.
Remove Archnemesis.
I don't know why I have forum access, even. Or why I didn't adblock it until now.

PM's through this site, or emails, will not be seen whatsoever.
Make HH great again, revert the rares and wakes us from this nightmare.
Just remove the immunity....
The Grim Reaper Apparition Effect now appears when your Traps, Mines, Totems, or Minions kill an enemy.

This is the more important part. Time to change build
hello, immunity remove GGG please

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