3.18.0c Patch Notes

hh buffs last 20 seconds. juiced maps it gave around 90+ buffs in 20 second period

now 5-15 buffs and cant even maintain, getting wrecked easyly

i do like some builds what doesnt need headhunter. but i godamn wont play game like this where if i want to play headhunter it bricks whole purpose of it.

and then ggg decides to say "reintroduce kirac vault" again for league. thats money grab easy to notice, first one looked cool. but im not that stupid to actualy get it because damn that wont affect my gameplay at all. i must be dumb to look cool for mtx..

stashes sure. pay to win. you litteraly cant play this game without premium tabs. in acts sure. and milk them for support packs until they leave. us players cant even refund unless its purchased by credit card. bank can take money back when product is falsley sold. being falsley banned once is enough for reason.
fk archnemesis.
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GGG, dont remove the immunity. Make people actually play your game. Thanks and much love.
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Why tf do we still have immunity?
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hello remove immunity ggg
why there is now Bug (since 3.18 update) with trade?

when you livesearching it often says "livesearch canceled too many request"

before never happened, now happens every time when it pretty fast on pooping things while livesearching or you opened 3-4 tabs instantly with regular search

who made this cancer cooldown?
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Hello remove immunity ggg
Hello remove immunity ggg
The RANGE of HERALD OF OBELISKS needs to be SEVERELY REDUCED. I was in Delve and on 2 separate occasions, one a Rare and another a Magic pack spawning them on me from 2 screens away and from out the darkness, without any regard to Line of Sight or barriers or anything like that. I hope that's not intended behavior.

I haven't said a thing since league start, but since I had to post this maybe I'll voice my opinion. Sorry it takes me more than 160 characters lol. I hate the way the rare re-work was implemented. It feels like a system that is intended for POE2 that was shoe-horned in here way too early without proper GAME testing. No matter what is said, its intent is clear... to slow the game down. Without the ability to have multiple 5-6 links, outside pseudos with influenced gear late game, it makes many of the highly resistant, high health rares difficult to overcome. This is mainly due to lack of versatility in character build allowance and opportunity. Even so, someone heavily invested in specifics on their passive tree... such as fire vs elemental, physical vs trap damage... would be at a disadvantage from a game design perspective from this type of character vs. enemy system with intent on the ability to swap on the fly to overcome particular mobs resistances.

Another thing that needs to be considered, if you want to slow the game down without giving your players carpal tunnel; majority of the time, the longer a fight lasts effort put in does not usually scale in a linear fashion. Sometimes it can but it's almost always logarithmic, fatigue of the hands set in, potentials of character resources can run out, etc. There's so much more but at this point I'm just doing your job and not getting paid, so when it's stated you're happy the way it shipped, I think you're just happy it released/on time regardless of how broken. A systemic problem in the gaming industry.

I believe if you released this rare rework with POE2, it would have gotten the time it needed to debug, workout all the issues with existing league mechanics, and it would have been overall better received. I mean let's be honest with ourselves, the game did not desperately need a rare monster modifier rework. It could have waited until it was ready to deploy.
It seems like you've implemented the high risk mechanics from a high risk, high reward league into core while leaving the reward at baseline levels. Even before going into the horror show that was your implementation of those mechanics with regard to how they fit in with existing content, that wasn't ever going to be something that would actually be enjoyable to play.

If you're going to slow down the game at least make sure there's something cool as a reward for these slow fights we're supposed to be having. Otherwise you'll just drive off your veterans while the learning cliff of acts 1 and 2 ensure you don't get new players.

Lastly, immunities are a bad mechanic and shouldn't have even been considered for core gameplay. Heck, any kind of build/content disabler shouldn't be considered for core gameplay.

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