Sentinel Boss Kill Event

Yeah I already lost before it even started.... Also know the winner already like i am from the future

Sentinel Boss Kill Event - aka - Ben takes all the loot
everyone gonna play DD zzzz
So the first 7 prizes will go to the streamers, like always. This favors one more than the other.
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Perhaps :D
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Tachykir wrote:

If there are operational problems with the event (like significant realm stability issues at launch), Grinding Gear Games may restart the event at any point. The way we will do this is to create a new event league and indicate that players who wish to compete in the new event must make new characters there.
fk archnemesis.
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>Due to HC SSF player populations on Console realms, the competition will run in the equivalent SC SSF (non-HC) Sentinel league for Console players

So its possible to do it in SC for PC too but we are forced in HC because of the streamers.

Come on GGG
Can we get something like top 50 or top 100 get MTX or something? I would love to compete in some way but no way I end up in the top 10, kind of deflating.

Dont get me wrong, will love watching on twitch but cannot compete at all

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