[3.18] Icestorm Self-Cast [CRIT Build] [High AOE] Occultist


Mapping and Bossing showcase: https://youtu.be/HtTXOE6k0PM

League start viable, can scale it infinitely with currency.

This is a self-cast, crit, high AoE build that I've been playing in Heist league. Back then, I had the luck to afford high-end items. This time I included a budget version in PoB for tree as well as equipment, since I'm going to try and make it work in 3.18. Budget items can use the eldritch implicits, so realistically the budget version will be even better.

It can clear the entire screen with awakened spell cascade and awakened AoE. For budget, you can just use awakened AoE and then either intensify or normal spell cascade.

For bossing, we are using concentrated effect and intensify.

I'm not a master build-creator, so if you have ideas for improvement please contribute. But if you do, please make sure it follows the idea behind the build, which is huge crit, huge aoe, self cast, no cyclone.
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Love this. Always wanted to play Selfcast Icestorm. Please keep us updated about ur progress :)

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