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In the Sentinel league, we're revamping our challenge system, giving you harder challenges to complete in order to earn even greater rewards. There are still 40 challenges but you'll start earning pieces of the Ophidian and Ophidian Lord Armour Sets and Wings from as early as six completed challenges. Completing challenges also grants you pieces of the Sentinel Totem Pole Hideout decoration!

To give you an idea of what to expect from the challenges, we've included the details of all 40 challenges in the Sentinel league for you in this news post. You can also check out the challenge rewards in the video below.

Sentinel League Challenges

Learning the Ropes

The Basics of Sentinels

Complete Vendor Recipes

Defeat these Act Bosses I

Complete Encounters I

Use Sentinels

Defeat these Act Bosses II

Defeat Magic or Rare Monsters

Complete Breach Encounters

Defeat Possessed Rogue Exiles

Complete Essence Encounters

Assemble Sentinels

Complete Domination Encounters

Complete Metamorph Encounters

Complete Harvest Encounters

Complete Delirium Encounters

Use Recombinators

Use Eldritch Altars

Sheer Arrogance

Cosmic Wounds: The Shaper

Memento Mori

Powering the Sentinels

Complete Unique Maps

The Perfect Storm

Cosmic Wounds: The Elder

Throw the Gauntlet

Defeat Empowered Encounters

Thirst for Knowledge

Insatiable Appetite

Atlas Grinds

Defeat The Shaper Conditionally

Complete Encounters II

Defeat The Black Star Conditionally

Defeat The Infinite Hunger Conditionally

Defeat The Searing Exarch Conditionally

Defeat The Eater of Worlds Conditionally

Defeat Empowered Map Bosses

Defeat Uber Elder Conditionally

Defeat The Maven Conditionally

Complete Endgame Grinds

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Grinding Gear Games
challenges gigachads
First Mirror drop at t8 pier map in legacy league :D
Second Mirror drop at t16 promenade map in delirium league :D
Gods knows what happened in affliction league... :L
Very cool to see what these new hard challenges are.
Wer nichts weiß, muss alles glauben.
actually not a terrible armor set, I'm sure somebody's going to cry about it though.
Thank you!
INTJ-T. Love instrumental, non vocal, music. Love Stand-up comedy. Love Isometric/top-down dungeon crawler ARPGs.

Started playing in Ultimatum.
Add me on steam: steamcommunity.com/id/Ash91_ (friend code: 413758162)
Dope sets, great league incoming

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