We are excited to announce Path of Exile: Sentinel in our exclusive livestream on Twitch! Find everything you need to learn about this expansion in this news post.

Check out the press coverage below:

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TLDR: Sadge

Casuals are unwanted here league. Not looking good. Just another love letter to trade to win 2 billion dps crowd.

No nerfs or buffs, mixed feels. Elites will rush to game breaking builds on day 1, economy will be completely ruined in 3 days.

Sentinels, I fear the new mechanic will just be grinding with extra steps. More chores, more meta, more opportunity to fail in your de facto required pob/guide following. We'll see.

The atlas control stuff looks good but it's just gonna be a new right and wrong choice. And party play still look deeply punished since everything is owner of instance focused.

You got rid of the game pass I think? If so, bravo.

I like the new supporter pack stuff.

Trade and stash lewt management being unchanged is always disappointing. Weaponized clutter league #97.
Too much censorship that you never even see. Totally removed posts and silenced accounts across all communities.
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if need click in the 60 uses to empower mobs will be a lot of clicks league
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WTF this twitch blue screen of death in the middle of PoE announcement???

This is seriously stupid.

Missed like 30 second of the video because of this.

Does the Twitch management think I'll disable my adblocker after this shit???

Fck them.
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Okay I'm off.

Will watch this later on youtube.
New atlas tree looks dope
Quite disappointed; unchanged core, end game hardening and new insignificant league mechanism.
All-time non-streamer luckless dropless rewardless tons-of-time-playing non-TFT-er 100% solo player.
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