May Expansion Name Reveal

Why did you translate "Sentinel" into "Дозор" in Russian? That word means something like "watch" or "lookout", but not in anyway a "Sentinel". Sentinel translates into "Страж", which would be a very nice name for a league, and "Дозор" only associates with a name of one really bad russian movie.
Plaguetongue wrote:
Reveal of reveal of reveal... -> Another boring league. Thx GGG.

They're boring. Same way to announce, the same game with boring mechanics, the same 3 months of the boring league, and nothing more.

Ah, don't forget the same boring art competition, the same new loot boxes for double sets that We combine.

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Ready to die !
I am a thirsty sadboi desperately waiting for teasers. *Rubs nipples*
Cant wait!
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