[SC] <Twilight Strand Exiles> Recruits active players! (220+ Members + 25+ Stash tabs + Discord)

give me a challenge.
I am trying to message you on Discord, but there doesn't seem to be an option to message someone who is not your friend.

I sent a friend request, hopefully that works.

Hello, I am looking for a guilt with cool like-minded and people to grind with. May I have an invite please?
Hi, I would like to join your guild:)
Friendly guild, every league is a much better experience in a community like TSE

Im a new player (started sep 2023) and looking for active guild with experienced players who can help/advice if needed. Still discovering/testing things in game so tips from veterans would be very helpfull.
If you have space in your guild for newbie like me I would like to join

ING: FromDiabloToPoE

I consider me a new player, have played 2 leagues in the past. Looking to learn more about the game and have fun.

I would love to join your guild.

Please contact me on discord regarding guild application. If you can't message me straigth away then send friend invite first and then you can send message.
give me a challenge.
give me a challenge.
give me a challenge.

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