[SC] <Twilight Strand Exiles> Recruits active players! (220+ Members + 25+ Stash tabs + Discord)

Hello Exiles! I would like to present you our active guild – Twilight Strand Exiles. Every friendly player is welcome: beginners, casuals or elite players! Currently, we have 200+ people in guild, 25+ stash tabs and a great community. Our guild is global and people are welcome from any country.

Guild perks
-> Spacious guild stashes and plenty of guild supplies (leveling items, maps and uniques)
-> Guild hideout that hosts up to 32 players in one instance!
-> Leveling, Farming, and Crafting advice from experienced players
-> Various guild activities and lots of voice chat/streaming channels
-> Active discussions about the builds and farming strategies

Guild rules
-> Do not donate junk items
-> Be friendly and helpful
-> No politics and toxicity in guild chat
-> No guild stash abuse
-> Leveling items MUST be put back when done leveling or stopped playing
-> Donate more than you take out

Breaking guild rules will result in kick from the guild

Requirements for joining:
-> Friendly and Active (atleast 10 hours a week)
-> Trustworthy and loyal
-> Mature 18+
-> Discord
-> Have atleast lvl 80 character in any league

If you are interested, message me through discord: UltimateLV#0969 or ultimatelv, with simple message telling about yourself, reason why you want to join and overall experience in path of exile and I will send you an invite. We are a welcoming community and guild members are from all over the world. You can also invite your friends. Looking forward to hearing from you!
give me a challenge.
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give me a challenge.
give me a challenge.
give me a challenge.
give me a challenge.
give me a challenge.
yoo, can i join? i was playing 2 leagues ago and im back for the upcoming league, my guild got disbanded and im looking foor cool people to hangout/level up with
Hello would love to join =] let's play some DD
Hello, please message me on discord if you are interested in joining the guild.
give me a challenge.

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