[3.20] Lightning Trap Saboteur | League Starter | Endgame Bosser | 4+mil dps on a 5link.

BUILD GUIDE IS FOR 3.20 AS OF 3.21 I DON'T PLAN TO CONTINUE TO UPDATE THE GUIDE, BUT IT MAY STILL HAVE SOME USEFUL INFORMATION IF YOU WISH TO PLAY TRAPS. SORRY. Due to increased popularity of my build, and charge stacking traps in general, the items are no longer quite as cheap as they have been in the past.



- Enough I can turn boss kills into gifs (30+ mil)
- I've played this build twice in two leagues and both times got to over 25mil PoB boss dps. I was the highest lightning trap dps character on poe.ninja in archnemesis league while still having 4.7k life, 2k energy shield, and 20,000 evasion rating. If you are willing to make some sacrifices for survivability, 40-50mil dps is absolutely achievable. If you are willing to sacrifice almost all survivability, i've seen one player have over 200mil dps on poe.ninja.
- PoB doesnt calculate Average traps per throw (1.6 with swift assembly lvl 20), Chance for traps to trigger twice (25% from ascendancy, 10% from clever construction notable), or double hits from divergent lightning trap or other methods of returning projectiles. In sustained trap throwing you could have over twice as much dps as PoB calculates you at.
- You can 'store' multiple seconds worth of traps (dps) on the ground, to be instantly triggered when an enemy becomes damageable. This is why bosses like shaper can be instantaneously phased (killed in final phase) if your damage is high enough.

* Unlike mines, traps trigger simply for being near an enemy, and do not require you to detonate them with a second button. Simply pressing one button to place the trap is enough.
* By default, only trap throwing speed modifiers and action speed modifiers (such as tailwind) can affect the speed you throw traps. There is a unique pair of gloves that allows cast speed to affect trap throwing speed.
* Traps count as their own entity, and gain hit and kill credit. This means reflected damage hits the trap instead of you, the traps leech instead of you, and they are hitting/killing instead of you.
* Modifiers such as "If you've killed recently" and "Chance to Gain ____ on critical strike" and "Curse enemies with ____ on hit" will NEVER grant you their bonus with trap hits/kills.
* Bonuses such as "If you haven't killed recently", and "If you haven't crit recently" will ALWAYS be active


- This build stacks power charges and frenzy charges, with each maximum power charge giving MASSIVE dps. For many reasons, charge stacking actually gives significantly more dps than even low life Pain Attunement.

- Getting 9 to 10 maximum power charges is very doable with a mild investment. Getting more than 10 however can be exceptionally expensive (100+ Div per additional charge). Having 9 charge is more than enough.

- Each maximum Power Charge gives This build the following bonuses: 62% increased spell damage, 48% increased critical strike chance, 20% Critical Damage Multiplier, 10% Trap trigger radius, and 8% increased mana regeneration.

- Each frenzy charge (max frenzy charges are equal to max power charges) gives us the following bonuses:
4% MORE damage, 10% trap throwing speed, 4% cast speed, 4% movement speed.

- At 10 maximum power/frenzy charges we get a total of; 620% increased spell damage, 480% increased critical strike chance, 200% critical strike multiplier, 100% trap trigger radius, 40% MORE damage, 100% increased trap throwing speed, 40% increased cast speed (converted to increased trap throwing speed), 40% movement speed and 80% increased mana regen. This is in addition to everything else in the passive tree, on gear, and from jewels.

-Overall at 10 maximum charges, my power charges quintuple (5x) my dps, and my frenzy charges triple (3x) my dps. A simple 30% more damage multiplier from lowlife Pain Attunement is simply unable to compete in dps.



* Can do any boss/maven encounter in the game including The Feared and Atziri;

Pseudo Bosses:

Eater of Worlds/The Infinite Hunger:




- Can do for league start, and have millions of dps on a moderate budget (<10 div)
- High dps, able to bypass many boss mechanics. Strong overall bosser.
- Can run any map mod including reflect, though monsters steal charges can be rough.
- Extremely strong in content where we can spam traps before the enemy is damageable, such as essence monsters, metamorphs, and most high tier boss encounters.
- No need to use 2 main skills, or to gem swap.
- Outright Immune to Ignite and Shock (and Freeze with pantheon).
- Capable of uber bosses, with some modifications and strategies (such as spell suppression cap, and swapping out grace)
- Unlike the ice trap builds topping the dps on PoE.ninja which are only capable of specific boss encounters (they don't even res cap and MUST oneshot the boss), this build can do all content.


- Can feel squishy on a low investment, if you haven't yet learned the playstyle or obtained a tinkerskin or glorious vanity. Most players really like the build but it's the biggest complaint.
- Very early in the league, the key unique items can be moderately expensive, costing as much as 2div for each of the wands and gloves. They aren't required to do red maps.
- Have to use a mana flask and clarity, or eldritch battery, until you can get The Slavedriver's Hand
- Can be somewhat difficult to get a lot of movement speed on the character, which is its only real limiter for clear speed.
- Extremely difficult to cap spell suppression and have at least 0% chaos resistance without somewhat significant sacrifices to damage. This build; however, absolutely has millions of dps to spare, so you can choose to go that route.
- Doing Uber bosses deathless can be extremely hard without capped spell suppression and experience fighting the bosses.
- As this build is not meta, you basically have to craft a +1 power charge, +3 lightning trap pierce helmet yourself.
- Due to Uber Sirus doing significant Physical and Chaos damage, he is usually the hardest Uber boss for this build. Do not recommend.


* This is for a low budget budget charge stacker on a 5link, with the key unique items apart from the forbidden jewels (and doesn't have a 6link). Uses a 50% shock value despite being capable of 65% shocks. Doesn't count placing 1.6 traps on average (60% MORE DAMAGE) or chance for traps to trigger twice (35% MORE DAMAGE) so the damage is a fair bit higher.
* Almost exactly 4mil PoB dps, would be ~8.6mil adjusted for extra thrown traps and retriggers.
* This is pinnacle boss dps.

* This is my actual character 3 days into sentinel league. I updated the tree to the current version to avoid confusion. I used this setup to take down Searing Exarch, Eater of Worlds, The Maven, and Uber Elder. (Uber elder happened on day 4 due to bad luck with map drops, but I had the same exact gear day 3) I absolutely could have accomplished this with worse gear.
* 5.93mil PoB dps. Adjusted for extra trap throw chance and chance for retrigger, its closer to 12.8mil dps.
* This is pinnacle boss dps.

* This is my character at the end of Sentinel league, tree updated to the current version to avoid confusion. I didn't bother to get corrupted uniques, so I could have easily had a fair bit more dps. This was my second time playing the character so I intentionally skipped on some upgrades because I planned on merging some items from this league with my character from the previous league.
* 24.9mil PoB dps. Adjusted for extra trap throw chance and chance for retrigger it's closer to 53.8mil dps.
* I was, in fact, fully shocking every enemy in the game.
* Synthesis power charge implicit can be used instead of the unobtainable sentinel +1 power charge rings I have.
* Pinnacle Boss dps.


* This is my character in standard, with gear from both leagues I played. This budget is completely unrealistic for the vast majority of players, so be aware of that.
* I made this character prior to Uber Bosses being added, so I didn't focus on spell suppression capping as all content was a joke.
* My character is level 100
* Due to the amulet corruption I was able to save 4 points that would have gone towards whispers of doom to instead get a medium cluster jewel.
* Since the glove corruption and 12 power charges put me at 100% crit chance, and I needed the attributes from the medium clusters, I didn't go for the High Voltage Wheel. This wheel is still more dps than a cluster jewel.
* 33.1mil PoB dps. Adjusted for extra trap throw chance and chance to retrigger, its closer to 71.4mil dps.


Act 1:

- As soon as you get to town, you'll want to replace viper strike with some elemental spell. You can't use lightning trap yet, so pick something to use for a few levels. I personally use stormblast mine, however I dont recommend that unless you are comfortable having to press 2 buttons. Fireball, freezing pulse, lightning tendrils, or explosive trap all work.
- After getting the medicine chest, make sure to pick up swift assembly support. You'll need it later.
- After breaking some eggs, you'll want to pick up Bear Trap.
- After entering the prison retrieve multiple traps support and added lightning support. You'll need to buy one from Yeena.
- After killing Brutus, you'll want to pick up flame dash. You probably also want to buy a clarity to make mana sustain a little less reliant on mana flasks.
-The moment you enter The Cavern of Wrath you should be able to go to town and get lightning trap. You will be using this for the rest of the game. you should support lightning trap by added lightning damage and your pick of either multiple trap support (always throws three, but in a straight line) or swift assembly support (Which doesnt always throw additional traps)

Act 2:

- After doing Intruders in Black you should pick up skitterbots. You dont need to use it yet if mana is an issue, but you will need it.
- After killing the giant spider, pick up Trap and Mine damage support from Silk. You should then support lightning trap with it.

Act 3:

* In this act you will begin to see 4links drop.
- After getting Tolman's bracelet, you need to pick up wrath and conductivity. You probably wont be able to reserve wrath yet. you should only need to use conductivity on bosses.
* You can choose to do the side quest in the library off of the Gardens if you want access to a lot of gems 'early'. Otherwise you can wait until act 6 when you unlock Lilly.

Act 4:

- If you haven't already, you should do the first Labarynth. The zone is lvl 33, if survivability is an issue you can wait until you are a few levels higher. Pick up Perfect Crime.
- After killing Daresso and Kaom, you should be able to retrieve cluster traps support. Use this instead of swift assembly or multiple traps support.

Act 5:

* Passive tree at this point has the most important parts. Reference the passive tree section from here on.

* Completing act 5 will give a permanent 30% resistance penalty. Plan ahead

Act 6:

-Right at the start of act 6, you should clear the twilight strand and buy any gems from Lilly you may still need.

Act 7:

* Near the end of act 7 you can do the second lab, or you can wait until act 8. You should choose Pyromaniac second.

Act 8:

* Aside from lab, this act has nothing of note particularly pertaining to this build.
* Pyromaniac

Act 9:

* It is absoulutely not required but you can stop to farm up a tabula rasa with Humility cards in the blood aqueduct right at the start of the act. This will likely take a few hours, as you need 9 of them.
* You can choose to try to roll a divine mana flask to have the enduring prefixes with alterations. Id recommend waiting until act 10 when you get your first eternal mana flask. You'll need this until you can get slavedriver's.

Act 10:

- I VERY highly recommend doing the 3rd labyrinth before completing act 10, as the resistance penalty will raise to -60%, which means waiting until maps can actually make it harder to survive. Choose born in the shadows.
- If you haven't already, make sure to craft an enduring mana flask.
- After completing act 10, type /passives to see which quests you may have missed that grant passive points. Go back and do these quests.


For builds that can be squishy, I highly recommend Cast on Death and Portal. Saves you from the walk of shame.


Lightning Trap 3b, 3g

Lightning Trap: Depending on the league, buying a level 21, 20% quality lightning trap ranges from 5-50c. You should absolutely look at the price for one and buy it if you can reasonably afford it.

Trap and Mine Damage Support can be outclassed by other support gems as your investment in the character increases, but its a very strong support usable from halfway through act 2.
Cluster Traps support throws a ton of extra traps, helping clear be more consistent, and overall giving decent damage. Swift Assembly Support on average gives more single target dps than cluster traps, but until you get a ton of trap throwing speed it wont feel as good due to its inconsistency.

Charged Traps Support gives a ton of crit multi, and most importantly 10% trap throwing speed per frenzy charge. While this isn't nearly as strong until you are fully charge stacking, this support is very good.

Added Lightning Damage Support is a consistent and overall good support gem.

The last support gem is your choice. Lightning Penetrationprobably gives the most dps, depending on your character. Inspiration Support reduces the mana cost of lightning trap while giving damage and is extremely helpful until you get the architect's hand (At which point it becomes completely useless). Increased crit strikes support is an option.

Auras: 3b, 1g

Wrath is just a strong damage aura. Quality is irrelivant for solo play.

Skitterbots give more trap and mine damage, and the two minions have a shock aura and chilling aura, giving us 10% penetration from the Explosives Expert ascendancy keystone. Supporting it with Infernal Legion Support will also cause them to make nearby enemies burn, giving us 40% crit multi from that same ascendancy node. Once you get a stygian vise you'll use a jewel with fire damage to spells allowing us to drop infernal legion support and reduce the reservation.

Grace is a strong defensive aura, working against any kind of attack regardless of damage type (Armour only mitigates physical attacks) I highly recommend you use it rather than zealotry.

Brand/Debuffs: 4b

There are many debuffs we want to apply to an enemy, and casting them all wastes a lot of time and can get you killed. We solve this by using Arcanist Brand to apply our Elemental Weakness, Assassins mark, and optionally Wave of Conviction. Note that levels of these gems affects the mana cost. We need to have enough mana for all linked spells to be cast once before running out of mana. Assassins mark only gives an additional 19% crit multi from its 20 levels, but costs twice as much mana. You can choose to keep it a lower level. I keep the brand and wave of conviction at level 1.

If you want, you can use arcane surge rather than wave of conviction, as arcane surge on flame dash wont always be up. You can instead link it to lifetap so you never have to worry about running out of mana.

Flame Dash: 2b 1g

Flame Dash is just a good movement skill. You should link it to Void Manipulation so that it does 0 elemental damage unless you want to oneshot yourself in reflect maps. You can keep flame dash at a low level to reduce the mana cost.

You can use Arcane Surge on flame dash as a passive way to gain it, or you can use lifetap so you can flame dash even when out of mana (such as in cannot regen maps)

Steel Skin: 2r

Make very sure you have the level requirement of the Cast When Damage Taken equal to or higher than the level requirement of the Steelskin. Steelskin requires a fair amount of strength, so you can use it at a lower level than I do if the strength requirement is prohibitive.

Other Gems: 1b, 1g

You only need to use Bear Trap for very high health targets, such as map bosses or pinnacle bosses. It increases the damage enemies hit by it take from traps, so its a good damage boost.

Vaal Righteous Fire damages you significantly when you use it, but it does give you 19% more spell damage. Use it sparingly.


Lightning Trap: 4b, 2g

Divergent Lightning Trap has a chance for each projectile to return to the trap location, potentially hitting the enemy more than once. This can massively increase damage, though being an alternate quality, it is harder to obtain, especially as a level 21 gem.

Divergent Charged Traps Support increases the trigger radius of the traps significantly. Its not particularly expensive usually.

Once you have 9 or 10 power charges, Power Charge on Crit is more damage than trap and mine damage support, as it doesn't have a LESS trap throwing speed penalty.

If you have a large amount of trap throwing speed (which you should) you can use Swift Assembly Support all the time, as it is more damage than cluster traps.

Added Lightning Damage gives a lot of flat lightning damage, which is one of the few damage modifiers this build struggles to scale. A level 5 awakened version will give more damage than most other support gems, partly because it gives +1 level of supported lightning gems at lvl 5.

Lightning Penetration Support, is worth using even despite the diminishing returns from penetration/resistance lowering. It may give like 2-3% less dps than trap and mine damage, but against an enemy that isn't cursed it gives more. As far as awakened supports go it's generally pretty cheap.

Auras: 2b, 1g

You can use zealotry instead of Grace for bosses like sirus or maven who only use spells.

* No Enlighten Support needed, although it can certainly be beneficial, especially with the loss of the reservation efficiency mastery.

Brand: 4b

Arcanist Brand allows us to cast 3 spells in succession without the need to press multiple buttons. You can use Arcane Surge Support or lifetap support instead of Wave of Conviction if the mana cost is an issue for you. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LEAVING THE ARCANIST BRAND AND WAVE OF CONVICTION AT LEVEL 1

Once you get a very high amount of crit chance. you may be able to cap crit chance without assassin's mark, in which case you would want to USE SNIPER'S MARK INSTEAD OF ASSASSIN'S MARK

Flame Dash: 2b, 1g

Flame Dash is the best movement skill this build has access to. Void manipulation is so we can avoid oneshotting ourselves in reflect maps, and arcane surge should be either on flame dash or on the arcanist brand. Divergent Arcane Surge increases the duration of arcane surge by a couple seconds, which is actually pretty nice, highly recommend.

Steel Skin: 2r

Watch the level requirement of Steelskin and CWDT. The CWDT should never require a lower level than the Steelskin or it wont work.

Other Gems: 2b 1g

Bear Trap is only necessary on very high health bosses. Vaal righteous fire should be used sparingly. Frost Shield Can massively reduce the damage of projectiles originating from outside of the area (such as shaper projectiles) preventing them from oneshotting you, as well as giving base crit per stage the barrier has while you are inside it. It will drain Energy shield for a second, gaining up to 4 stages as it does. Stay in the area for a second to ensure it gains max stages

Since we stack so much elusive effect with the amulet, although I don't recommend it, we can use withering step to give us Elusive. Note it shares a cooldown with flame dash.


Lab 1: Perfect Crime
Lab 2: Pyromaniac
Lab 3: Born in the Shadows
Lab 4: Explosives Expert

* If you really want to you can try out Chain Reaction, probably instead of the defensive focused Born in the Shadows


This tree is for characters without a lightning trap pierces 3 enemies helmet, or cluster jewels. If you get a helmet with the enchantment, you can unallocate the 3 passives for Piercing Shots. If you have extra points get the High Voltage wheel and the mastery for +15% Max shock.

poeurl.com/dPjo (3.20)


Use a Glorious Vanity with IN THE NAME OF DORYANI

Mapping Focused with Grace (Recommended Tree):


Mapping/Bossing Tree with Cluster Jewel:
You can use a large cluster jewel; and only if you have the passives after taking the rest of the tree, medium cluster jewels.

If you want to make use of an inspired learning, which helps a bit with higher end mapping or simulacrums, put it here:

Bossing Focused:


* Anoint Heart of Thunder
* If your Helmet, gloves, and boots all have AT LEAST 1 EVASION, then you should be spell suppress capped.
* VERY passive hungry (Need to be lvl 98+ ideally. Can buy 5 way carries on TFT for xp if you cant level yourself)
* Cant use a cluster jewel unless you have a +1 curse amulet OR the Anathema ring for curse limit. (Would drop the entire Whispers of Doom wheel)
* If you get some spell suppression on gear (6%) you can drop Resourcfullness and the 2 passives leading up to it.


- This version of the build is for when you have literally no money, or less than a Divine. It is a mediocre build, though is absolutely capable of red maps. You would start out with this version on a league start using Rares you find, and would transition to charge stacking as soon as you can afford Badge of the Brotherhood and at least 1 void battery.


Rare wands with a few damage mods are fine until you can get void batteries. You could even use an Agnerod WEST staff if you have plenty of strength

Any Rare helmet with life and resistance, a goldrim, or if possible a basic craftable helmet with the lightning trap pierces 3 enchantment, which can be very cheap. You should get a helmet with evasion if you plan to use the spell suppression mastery that grants 10% spell suppression if the helmet, gloves, and boots each have at least 1 evasion rating.

A basic Craftable 5link, Tabula Rasa, Corrupted Rare 6link (with right colors), or a 5link Tinkerskin are all budget options.

Rare Gloves with life and resistances are fine until you can get Slavedriver's hand. Slavedrivers hand have to be upgraded in the temple of atzoatl, so may take over 24 hours to show up in trade, and be expensive super early in the league.

Rare boots with life, movement speed, attributes if needed, and some evasion are ideal. You should get boots with evasion if you plan to use the spell suppression mastery that grants 10% spell suppression if the helmet, gloves, and boots each have at least 1 evasion rating.

A basic Rarebelt with life and resistances is ideal. You can also get some strength here if needed.

Rare Rings with life, resistances, and attributes if needed. You don't need to worry about damage in these slots until you have currency to spare.

An amulet with life, and attributes if needed. You should be careful about getting too many attributes or too much resistance on this slot as you will be replacing it later with something that doesn't have any resists or strength, only implicit dexterity, and you don't want to have to replace most of your items just to make the switch.


You can just use Rare jewels with % increased life until you can afford more expensive jewels.


You will need a Mana Flask until you can get the Slavedriver's Hand gloves. Enduring is ideal, as it will not cancel its effect when you reach full mana.

My preferred Life Flask is one that gives more recovery if used on low life, and has bleed/corrupted blood removal. Life flask is personal preference.

A quicksilver for movement speed, and Jade flask for evasion are extremely suggested. You can use an onslaught flask (as trap characters dont have another way to gain it) for movement speed and (assuming you have the gloves) trap throwing speed.

Good optional defensive flasks. Phasing is extremely useful, so a quartz flask should be used, at least until you get a tinkerskin.



Void Battery wands are BiS. The enchantment is FAR less important than the cast speed rolls being high.

Badge of the Brotherhood is non-negotiable. It can give 7+ extra frenzy charges.
* Overcharge: Crimson Oil, Black Oil, Silver Oil

While a Crown of the Inward Eye is certainly good defensively, you should aim to have a Rare Helmet with +1 maximum power charge. As this build isn't meta, you will likely have to craft this yourself, slamming a Warlord's Exalt on a lightning trap enchanted helmet (ilvl 85+) crafting until you get the power charge (as it is a rare mod). You can alteration/augmentation/regal craft and then multimod if necessary.

Tinkerskin is BiS due to the life and energy shield recovered on trap trigger. A corrupted gem level Tinkerskin will outperform an influence crafted rare in most scenarios anyway.

Slavedriver's Hand is non-negotiable due to the trap throwing speed and it making traps cost life instead of mana. There is absolutely no way we can sustain the mana cost of over 275% trap throwing speed. Aim to have as close to 20% reduced trap throwing speed as possible.

You want Rare Boots with life, movement speed, and resistances/attributes if necessary. This is a place you can get spell suppression, or immunity to chill. If you can somehow get pierce on boots, you may not need the helmet enchantment.
* Gain elusive on crit, tailwind if you've crit recently, and onslaught on kill are all mods that DO NOT WORK WITH TRAPS.
* Lightning damage if you haven't killed recently, and damage penetrates 10% elemental resistances if you haven't killed recently will ALWAYS be active, so strive for boot enchantments, ideally penetration. Increased critical strike chance if you haven't crit recently will fall off from wave of conviction crits if you are using it, but can be useful.

* A Rare Belt with life and resistances, ideally you'd have a stygian vise so you can socket a hypnotic eye jewel that grants fire spell damage, allowing you to use other jewels in your tree. If you can get energy shield and/or % increased life, it will help survivability.
* Technically speaking an Arn's Anguish is BiS as far as damage is concerned, but you'd lose a fair amount of resistance as well as 3 endurance charges (Which we do generate). I don't recommend this belt.

While the double added lightning damage mods certainly look impressive, a basic Rare Ring with increased cast speed gives a decent amount of dps. I recommend not worrying about the added damage at the cost of life or good suffixes. Some people like using Anathema To fix their curse limit, sacrificing the resistance and life of a rare ring to gain the 4-5 passives that would otherwise be picking up whispers of doom. It even enables you to get more curses (Assassin's mark, conductivity, elemental weakness, and punishment all affect dps)


Watcher's Eye with lightning penetration while affected by wrath is the single most impactful mod. We can then get other wrath mods (increased lightning damage/increased crit chance while affected by wrath) or we can get grace/zealotry mods depending which aura you use. I personally like the movement speed while affected by grace, but there are many options.

Glorious Vanity with "In the name of Doryani" changes all nodes in its radius (making us have to go out of our way to get a socket for it). It changes keystones to corrupted soul, which effectively gives us around a thousand energy shield. As this build can be squishy, this helps a fair bit.

Forbidden Flesh/Flame The unstable infusion pair of jewels gives us +1 power charge. Extremely highly recommended. (Deadly infusion is slightly less dps at high investments, and much less dps at low investments compared to unstable infusion)

Overshock is first priority and makes it easier to fully shock enemies, and snowstorm gives lightning as extra cold damage allowing chill/freeze/shatter. You can choose to use Storm drinker for lightning penetration instead of snowstorm. Widespread destruction and disorienting display are effectively interchangeable.

Surprise Sabotage and Guerilla Tactics on the medium cluster jewel are maximum dps. You can use one jewel with arcane pyrotechnics to gain arcane surge on trap trigger so you don't have to worry about flame dashing when you otherwise wouldn't need to.

Basic Rare jewels for any remaining slots. Every jewel should have % increased maximum life.

If you want to, you can choose to use an Inspired Learning for mapping. Note that IT DOES NOT WORK UNLESS YOU HAVE 4 ALLOCATED NOTABLES WITHIN ITS RADIUS.



My preferred mods for a life flask. Life flask modifiers are personal preference.

Silver flask is actually the highest dps flask we can use aside from bottled faith. Quicksilver and Jade flasks make mapping smoother.

You can use any of these 3 flask types to fill your 5th slot.


Badge of the Brotherhood corrupted with "You can apply an additional curse" saves us a few passive points that were going into whispers of doom. if you really wanted to you could even fit in a third curse, conductivity.

As Slavedriver's Hand are not meta, and are difficult to obtain, basically noone corrupts these gloves. If you want good implicits (Like spell crit, increased life, or cast speed for example) you basically need to corrupt a bunch of them yourself (I suggest you corrupt it in the Locus of Corruption). This can take dozens of Divines to hit something useful,

If you have a lot of Patience and/or money, you can awakener orb Rare helmets to get the two guaranteed influence modifiers, with the rest of the mods being completely random. It took me 3 helmets to hit my first fixable/usable helmet. If these helmets looks sub-par to you, feel free to attempt to craft something better, though it may take dozens of Divines if you are Awakener Orbing them.

If you have a particularly large number of Divines to burn on rings, you can buy rings with synthesized implicit +1 maximum power charge, a precursor's emblem with +1 maximum power charge and ideally other beneficial modifiers, or in standard from sentinel league the sentinel prefix +1 maximum power charge. Getting the rest of the ring to be good (As with using so many uniques our resistances are tight) can be difficult. Definitely BiS for rare rings.

As Seismic trap (and to some degree ice trap) is currently meta, corrupted Tinkerskin can be rather expensive. Fortunately for us, seismic trap and ice trap are AoE gems rather than a projectile gem, so that helps cut down the cost a fair bit for corrupted 6links. Still expensive though.

If you want to open up the helmet enchantment for reservation efficiency or something else, you can get boots with Hunter Projectile pierce. It would be pretty dang difficult to craft if you want movespeed, life, and litterally anything else of use. Considering how rare lightning trap pierce blizzard crowns are, this may be the more realistic option.

Bottled Faith gives us about 10% MORE dps when the enemy stands on its consecrated ground. As my character has effectively 100% crit chance with asassins mark, and we apply 50% shocks, its not as significant of a bonus as it is for most other crit characters. Certainly not a bad flask though.

Extremely expensive, but fixes our movement speed and any gaps in evasion flask uptime, as well as optionally elemental resistance/curse immunity/etc. In a build that already struggles to get effective life, using a belt that doesn't have any life apart from its strength isn't suggested, especially considering the price.


* I use the Soul of the Brine King upgraded to become immune to freeze.

* When farming Searing Exarch I use the minor soul of Abberath upgraded to become unaffected by the high damage burning ground that the altars can cause when killing influenced monsters.

* You can use the minor soul of Shakiri for the less duration of poisons and reduced chaos damage taken from caustic ground. The soul of Ralakesh is also a good pantheon for mitigating bleed.


Short answer is yes. Long answer is its very difficult and complicated. If you don't know the fights, you'll have a rough time killing them at all.

A player used this build to carry 6 man uber bosses in Kalandra League. He says he did over 1200 uber fights (vouched for on TFT) with this build. This was his character:


* I put a level 1 arcane surge on his frost shield to simulate the arcane surge from his medium cluster that PoB doesn't calculate.

* He went farther down on the right side than I normally do to pick up some spell suppression, and since he completely dropped grace, he could avoid the evasion mastery from the revenge of the hunted wheel and instead go far left to allocate the third power charge. He anointed Heart of Thunder instead. He picked up the Sovereignty wheel for reservation efficiency rather than the charisma wheel I took. When he wasn't doing Uber bosses, or was doing Uber Eater of Worlds, he dropped Zealotry for Determination (Vorici white socket). He used molten shell rather than steelskin. Uber Eater's tentacles usually oneshot without determination. He used enduring cry when it was convenient.

* One option for higher end bossing is using these boots as a boot swap. Temporarily equipping these boots and then (WITHOUT MOVING) taking them back off should leave you at maximum charges with full duration. With the charge mastery this would be 20 seconds or so duration on the charges. This should be enough to start high end boss encounters at maximum charges, instead of having to take time generating the charges. (which would only take 2-3 seconds for 12 charges anyways)
* Some high end bossers use these boots all the time, utilizing an interaction between minimum frenzy charges and Inner Conviction from the Dominus Militant Faith, however they are inconvenient to say the least. You lose ALL charges any time you move. This is especially significant as traps don't snapshot. Even if the trap has already triggered and the projectile is in the air, losing the charges immediately kills the damage of that projectile.

4/5link Tinkerskin > Slavedrivers/Void Battery 1 (Buy cheapest one first) > Badge of the Brotherhood > Void Battery 2 > Glorious Vanity(make sure its "In the name of Doryani") > Tinkerskin 6link > 1mod watchers eye > Unstable Infusion Forbidden Flame/Flesh Pair.

3 Days into Sentinel League, this was my character. Id killed Searing Exarch, Eater of Worlds, Uber Elder, and Maven with this setup. Investment for that early in the league was considerably more than it would be worth even 2-3 days later.


* The boot enchant doesn't do anything.
* The Eye jewel is so that lightning trap can ignite for ascendancy.
* The bosses could absolutely have been done with worse/less gear

* If you wish to ask me questions about this guide/build you can reply on this forum thread, or message me in game. Copy this whisper message:
@LightningTrappy Hi, I saw your build guide.
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Last bumped on Sep 2, 2023, 5:00:00 PM

* There are 5 damage types, and 4 ways that damage can be applied to us. This means that a wide range of defensive layers are needed to be tanky/not squishy in every situation.

* Damage Types:
- Physical Damage
- Lightning Damage
- Cold Damage
- Fire Damage
- Chaos Damage

* Damage Taken:
- Attack Hits
- Spell Hits
- Damage Over Time (DoT)
- Reflected Damage


* Physical damage is the hardest damage type for this build to mitigate, as we dont really have access to ways of scaling armour. We do generate 3 endurance charges which helps, but to mitigate more than that 12% we'd have to use determination (probably instead of wrath). its important to note than armour only mitigates physical damage, doesn't work against damage over time, and is less effective the harder the hit is. This means it may mitigate 90% of a rat's bite, but less than 20% of a boss slam.

* To mitigate bleed/corrupting blood, only our endurance charges actually affect how much damage we take. We need 2 things. First is enough life/energy shield that it wont kill us before we have time to react. The second thing we need is a way to remove/mitigate the damage over time. We can use a flask that removes bleeding, and/or the Soul of Ralakesh in the pantheon to make us not take extra damage from bleeding while moving as well as reducing how much damage bleed/corrupting blood do while moving. We can also use ways of preventing the bleed/corrupted blood from being applied in the first place


* The three elemental damage types are almost exclusively mitigatable through resistances. Being capped at 75% is a requirement for mapping. You can use ways of increasing maximum resistance to make you tankier, but in general just having a lot of life/energy shield in addition to being resistance capped is the only reasonable way to specifically mitigate elemental damage types.

* Cold damage over time is in general not a very high damage source. Having decent recovery and a good effective life pool is sufficient to give you enough damage to react by getting out of the damage source or using a life flask.

* Lightning damage over time is extremely rare, and thus not worth trying to specifically mitigate. Capped lightning resistance is sufficient.

* Burning damage can be very dangerous depending on the situation. Ignites (a type of burning) are completely irrelevant as our ascendancy makes us immune to ignites. We can still take full damage from other burning sources, such as burning ground. The burning ground from certain altars in Searing Exarch maps can do an extremely high amount of damage. The best way to mitigate these burning sources is to use the upgraded Lesser Soul of Abberath to make us immune to burning ground. This makes us completely immune to the most dangerous types of burning damage.


* Chaos resistance is the primary way of mitigating against chaos damage. Chaos damage historically has been pretty rare, so most players completely ignore chaos resistance and run -60%. This is certainly sufficient to do all content, though when encountering chaos damage it will usually kill you pretty quickly.

* Chaos damage hits are generally pretty rare, though Sirus, Simulacrum monsters, and Al-Hezmin and his monsters can do very significant amounts of chaos damage with their hits. . If you want to be somewhat tanky against chaos damage, getting 0% (instead of -60%) is sufficient. If you want to be pretty tanky against chaos damage you can go for 50% chaos resistance, which will make chaos damage largely irrelivant against you. Fully capping to 75% takes a significant investment into chaos res and is not worth the cost.

* There are two types of chaos damage over time we can specifically mitigate. Poisons can be applied by monsters that deal either physical damage, or chaos damage, with monsters that poison generally not doing any chaos damage with the actual hit. Al-Hezmin and The Constrictor both by default apply poison with their hits. Chance to avoid poison, or reduced duration of poisons (which do stack) can largely prevent poison from killing us. The soul of Shakiri actually helps mitigate both poison and caustic ground, if you don't have any/enough chaos resistance. Just getting to ~0% chaos resistance can be sufficient to mitigate chaos damage over time sources.


* Apart from damage type specific mitigation (such as armour or elemental resistance), Evasion rating rating is actually rather effective. It gives you a chance, based on how much evasion you have and how much accuracy the monster has, to completely avoid an attack hit. Attacks will inevitably slip through and hit you, at which point the evasion wont mitigate it in the slightest, so you need to have enough life/energy shield that you dont get oneshot when the attack does slip through. Evasion is particularly useful when you turn a corner and a pack of monsters simultaneously attack you, as most of their attacks will miss. It also gives you more time to recover in between hits. It also helps if you make a mistake and a boss slam would otherwise hit you, giving you a chance at redemption.


* The primary way to specifically mitigate spell hits is to use spell suppression.

* Spell suppression gives a % chance (Can have a 100% chance to supress spell damage) to HALVE The damage we take from the spell. Outright cutting the damage of all spell hits in half is EXTREMELY strong. The only downside is that with how many uniques/specific rares we have to use, its almost impossible to cap our spell suppression chance without some relitively significant sacrifices to damage (Not using cluster jewels). This doesn't however mean that we do bad dps while being spell suppression capped. This build has plenty of damage to spare.


The single most significant way to not die is to have as much life/energy shield as possible. May sound obvious but unless you intentionally invest into life and energy shield as much as possible, no defensive layers will be enough to keep you alive. Maximum life is particularly important, as we have a more significant amount of life gained on trap trigger compared to energy shield, and chaos damage ignores energy shield. Every single rare (aside from specifically the cluster jewels) you own should have some form of maximum life. You also need to prioritize getting as many life nodes in the tree as you can.

The belt is a place we can get a particularly large amount of life, assuming you have the budget to get a belt with 2-3 different life mods (Counting implicit life from a leather belt, or an abyssal socket that can have a jewel with life inside if it)

If you are able to buy it, A Glorious Vanity in the name of Doryani can give over 1,000 energy shield. A massive help in staying alive, if you have a tinkerskin to recover energy shield. Please don't ask my why the build feels so squishy if you don't have the single biggest defensive layer the build has access to.
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"How do I search for the Cluster Jewels on the trade site?"

- For the Large Cluster Jewel:

- For the Medium Cluster Jewel:
* Select which notables you wish to look for among the 4.

"How come the PoB shows a negative mana reservation value?"

I can't actually reserve Wrath, Skitterbots, Grace, and Zealotry. I only enable Zealotry rather than Grace for certain bosses

"How do I search for the forbidden flesh and forbidden flame?"

"How do I craft a helmet like that?"

This is the method I was using when I was playing the build:

Ekule731 wrote:
Gothicalcomy wrote:
Thanks for this build, I'm really enjoying it so far. With that said I am terrible at crafting even after a few thousand hours played. I managed my self a double influenced helm with the pierce enchant but am unsure of the best way to proceed with trying to craft it. Should I just spam harvest crafts on it or fossils of even essences or something else? Thank for any insight in to your process.

* STEP 1: Obtain an enchanted helmet base, ideally ilvl 85-86, to start crafting on. A Hubris Circlet (Highest ES base) or a Deicide Mask (Highest evasion/es hybrid base) are ideal, outside of a blizzard crown with the enchantment (which i've still yet to see one pop up)

* STEP 2: Slam the base with one of the special exalted orbs, either crusader's or warlord's. If you slammed with a warlord's exalted orb, alt/augment craft until you have a helmet with +1 maximum power charge prefix. Augment every single time there is an open prefix, regardless of how bad the suffix is. This is the cheapest way to get the power charge. If you slammed the crusader's exalted orb, augment every time there is an open suffix to get the nearby enemies have -9% to lightning resistance. Only regal once you have the required modifier. If there is more than one influence modifier (Such as "Warlord's X" OR "Of the conquest") you will need to annul/orb of dominate to remove the spare influence modifier or else the awakener's orb wont guarantee that it uses the right modifier.

* STEP 3: Once you have the good base-type lightning trap enchanted helmet with one of the two necessary mods, you need to buy/craft another helmet with the other desired influence mod (MAKE SURE IT HAS NO OTHER INFLUENCE MODS). The base type, item level, enchantment (or lack thereof), and other mods dont matter as long as the desired influence mod (in this case the -9 lightning res) is the only influence mod on the item. You'll need to use an awakener orb to combine the two items. THE FIRST ITEM YOU USE THE AWAKENER'S ORB ON WILL BE DESTROYED. THE AWAKENER'S ORB WILL ONLY GUARANTEE THE TWO MODS IF THE TWO DESIRED MODS ARE THE ONLY INFLUENCE MODS ON EITHER ITEM

* STEP 4: Aside from the two guaranteed mods, the resulting item will have 2-4 other random modifiers. Chances are high that you get a bunch of trash mods, and wont be able to craft life/resistance. You can choose to use the item as is, or risk ruining the item by using an orb of annulment. If the item has 1-2 open mods just benchcraft the remaining one. If it has 3 open mods you can choose to 'multimod' with the "Item can have 3 crafted modifiers" bench craft which costs 2div.

Another player (FreeHorst) was nice enough to write down his method to craft his helmet:

Thanks to Cysma for his method of crafting helmets:

If you want to awakener orb helmets that are more likely to be fixable, you can go for the Prefix Lightning damage to spells, with the prefix power charge. Unlike the Power charge and -9 res (which is a suffix), you can prefix cannot be changed and reforge critical to get another attempt at good suffixes. More often than not it'll only have the critical damage as the only suffix, so you would want to craft accuracy rating to block it and slam with an exalt. If the second modifier is trash, lock prefixes and go again. You can fill your suffixes this way, with the only way to continue being risking it all with an orb of annulment.

"Uber Viable?"
Uber bosses have massive damage reduction (70% less taken in most cases) as well as doing way more damage, and additional mechanics the normal version of the boss doesn't have. Unless you can basically instantly kill the Uber versions of the bosses (which takes over 100mil dps) you will have to engage with them, dodging when appropriate, and taking occasional hits. In general, you aren't going to absolutely faceroll them even if the non uber version is a joke.

- Basically all pinnacle bosses use almost exclusively spells. This means Spell suppression is mandatory, and grace is useless.

- Shaper has a phase officially called Bullet Hell. This is normally when zana puts up a big red sphere you need to stand in, while shaper teleports around firing novas of projectiles. In the Uber Shaper and Uber Uber Elder boss fights, shaper does this and zana doesnt put up the shield. This is the most significant challenge for these 2 fights, apart from shaper always firing 3 projeciles which are also faster than normal, and Uber Shaper always having 2 additional clones attacking. One solution a player carrying these boss fights in 6man with this build came up with is to use frost shield. It can massively reduce the damage that the projectiles from bullet hell do, preventing them from outright oneshotting you. Notably, in the Shaper encounter (But not uber elder for some reason) he counts towards war cry power during his dialogue before he is damagable, if you wanted to use enduring cry.

- Things to watch out for:

* Uber Cortex: Look closely at the map mods. They can significantly influence the fight.

* Uber Searing Exarch: You will most likely have to manually dodge during his rolling fireballs phase. Takes skill if you want to do it without dying. He fires WAY more projectiles. Don't stand still if he is firing projectiles. Learn his voice lines.

* Uber Shaper: Bullet hell doesn't have a zana safe zone. Use frost shield. Watch out for his clones. He fires additional projectiles. DoT ground effects aren't removed between phases, place them carefully.

* Uber Uber Elder: Pretty similar to the normal version, except they fire more projectiles, and he can do his bullet hell from the solo shaper encounter. Use Frost shield. dont stand still. DoT ground effects aren't removed between phases, place them carefully. Elder's circle explosion hits twice before disappearing.

* Uber Maven: She spawns bosses during memory game, fires additional projectiles. DoT ground effects are PERMANENT.

* Uber Sirus: Don't... but if you do, know the die beam follows you in every phase, he spawns a small storm in the center of the arena during the first 3 phases.

* Uber Eater of Worlds. Some armour helps if you are going to get hit by some of his skills.

"What unique items should I buy first?"
4/5link Tinkerskin > Slavedrivers/Void Battery 1 (Buy cheapest one first) > Badge of the Brotherhood > Void Battery 2 > Glorious Vanity(make sure its "In the name of Doryani") > Tinkerskin 6link > 1mod Watchers Eye > Unstable Infusion Forbidden Flame/Flesh Pair.
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My fav new build, will leaguestart this next league. Just respecced my phys trapper to this. This is so much smoother and more dmg. Just the lv req. to get the full tree is annoying but maybe with this build I can manage. Died a lot with phys traps.

Thanks for the guide. Will be on the lookout for more of your builds. Also thanks for the thorough explanation on the different parts. Lmk if you have a yt channel or are streaming, would love to tune in.
Last edited by Mirzadin on Mar 21, 2022, 7:14:32 AM
Mirzadin wrote:

My fav new build, will leaguestart this next league. Just respecced my phys trapper to this. This is so much smoother and more dmg. Just the lv req. to get the full tree is annoying but maybe with this build I can manage. Died a lot with phys traps.

Thanks for the guide. Will be on the lookout for more of your builds. Also thanks for the thorough explanation on the different parts. Lmk if you have a yt channel or are streaming, would love to tune in.

Glad to hear you are enjoying the build. I dont currently stream or record youtube videos but I may at some point.
eu gostei bastante da sua build só não consegui o mesmo valor de evasão se puder conferir oque esta faltando eu agradeço, ainda estou aprendendo a jogar com essa build.

POB: https://pastebin.com/Y1tKJWg5

I really liked your build I just didn't get the same evasion value if you can check what's missing I appreciate it, I'm still learning to play with this build
kurtindoRetro wrote:
eu gostei bastante da sua build só não consegui o mesmo valor de evasão se puder conferir oque esta faltando eu agradeço, ainda estou aprendendo a jogar com essa build.

POB: https://pastebin.com/Y1tKJWg5

I really liked your build I just didn't get the same evasion value if you can check what's missing I appreciate it, I'm still learning to play with this build

There are two things that you are lacking:
- I have a level 21 Grace, while you have a level 19.
- I use a flask rolled with increased evasion rating suffixes. You don't have any increased evasion rating on your flasks. I suggest using a flask with increased evasion rating.

* I noticed that you dont have Overcharge anointed onto your amulet. This is a very large amount of damage you are missing. You should buy an uncorrupted amulet. Overcharge costs; Crimson Oil, Black Oil, and Silver Oil.

I'm happy to hear you are enjoying the build, and hope you continue to enjoy it.

Edit: multiple flasks with the evasion rating suffix don't stack.
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Hi guys i followed your build and i have question .

Chain réaction can be good for speed up our cleanspeed ? ( replace born in the shadow)

Ps : i like at lvl 68 instakill boss :)
xena91550 wrote:
Hi guys i followed your build and i have question .

Chain réaction can be good for speed up our cleanspeed ? ( replace born in the shadow)

Ps : i like at lvl 68 instakill boss :)

Chain reaction can help clean up otherwise untriggered traps, but I personally prefer the blind from the Born in Shadow. If you are fine being hit a little more you can certainly play with Chain Reaction. What matters is that you are having fun.

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