[Console] 3.17.3 Patch Preview

MechLordAizen wrote:
Cchris07 wrote:
Mouse and keyboard support one day ? XD
never gonna happen.

Why would you say that?

They already said they were looking into it. At the same time they said they were working on Controller Support for PC. Which they just implemented.

It's not like they promised they'd do it, but it's also *not* in "never gonna happen" territory.

MechLordAizen wrote:
Would love pc crossplay as well. The market/player base on Xbox is dog shit.

Now *that* is "never gonna happen".

You can pray for Console Crossplay (PS + XB). I think it's unlikely, but *possible*.

Crossplay with PC will never* happen.

*never is a very long time. Maybe we can revisit "never" after the release of PoE2 a few years from now.

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