3.17.3 Patch Notes

Jale0077 wrote:
Another patch, another missed opportunity to fix the arch-nemesis mechanic by adding either stackable resources or dedicated tabs for each.

GGG wants you to have to think about what to pick up. They don't see it as needing a fix and is working as intended. Personally I think the amount you can pick up is a little on the low side but if you could pick up everything they would end up nerfing the heck out of it.
Controller is pretty good far. Will it be possible to have faster character turn speed? Find it a bit difficult to kite enemies on controller vs MnK.
Dont find Google Stadia controller via USB
Can we please get information if the failing of Shaper and Elder Influence item drops is intended?


Would be appreciated, if there would at least be an aknowledgment that it is intended or that we are missing a buff that was not transfered when changing to atlas tree passives.

Thank you in advance.
Would be nice if remapping skills for controller didn't affect pc keybinds.
Fixed a problem with Scourge Arrow where projectiles that were forked or split were not placing pods.

Wait, I thought Scourge Arrow arrows always pierced. Is there any way to bypass this?
For me UI for controller could be a little smaller. It's too big and covers 1/3 of screen. Make it resizable maybe?

As life-long PC player and 0 experience in controller gameplay (bought controller recently to play some Elden Ring, as you can guess I suck at it, but slowly learning) i like this possibility in PoE to play on gamepad.
alt viewing items on the ground to just see the base item stat range is no better. how about giving us back the full alt view we had before you decided to take it away from us. was this done so players would pick up more garbage items only to get irritated by having to stop for nothing to check useless items. if you must have it this way, at least improve the drops to not have so much useless crap. i actually pick up less now and likely pass up many chaos worth of items because i can't be bothered to pick it up, alt view it, realize it's garbage and throw it back on the ground. did you do this to try to slow players down? if anything, i'm faster and spend less time in maps now. i literally pick up nothing now unless my loot filter triggers on an item. but even then, unless it has the right set of colours around it, i might pass it up anyway depending on what it is.

if it was done this way to implement controller support, why the hell would that affect keyboard/mouse controls on a game that was designed to be played with a keyboard/mouse in the first place?
poe is going down fast. playing Last Epoch now. much better game
pipocadoce1 wrote:
Fixed a problem with Scourge Arrow where projectiles that were forked or split were not placing pods.

Wait, I thought Scourge Arrow arrows always pierced. Is there any way to bypass this?


Divergent Slower Proj Support gives "Chance to not pierce".

There may be other ways as well, but this is the only one I know of that works with attacks.

Also, Split happens before pierce, so this is only relevant for the "fork" part of the note.

Using the Highlight Key when hovering dropped items now displays minimum and maximum defensive values again.

Whelp, that's piece of... Please bring back the old alt functionality. I want to see mod names and mod levels, as well as which mods are prefixes and which mods are suffixes. I want to see what the quality of the 21 0% of the gem I got is, in order to understand if it is worth picking up for sale. Sure, it's great to see base defense now, but NO ONE SHOULD NEED IT, because explicit and implicit modifiers are the basis of an item's cost, not current defence value.
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