[3.17] In-Depth Ice Spear CoC Occultist Build Guide

Warsong87 wrote:
Hey there!

The build looks nice, im thinking to swap my skeleton mages to a CoC Ice spear build.

Are you able to do all content with your current gear?
How about delirium 30?

This build is a kind of glass cannon, you pretty much annihilate everything before they kill you and you can get all ice info at icedetective And when you look at PoE contents in general, this type of build works very well, maybe except Delirium 30. I only tried once and failed on 28th wave.

Other than that, I cleared every content first try. For example, The Feared w/ +%80 Quant, The Hidden w/ Pure encounters etc.

A quick note, there are certain map mods that MUST be avoided. I am going to add those to the guide.

Good day!

I'm considering switching my skeleton mages to a CoC Ice spear build because the build is amazing.

Can you complete all tasks with your present equipment?
Would you like delirium 30?
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