[3.17] In-Depth Ice Spear CoC Occultist Build Guide

Correct, this is a completely glass-cannon build.

A single defense layer here is a Grace aura. Yes, it can healup pretty quickly using ES leech from 'Light-eater' cluster and ES-on-hit from Watcher's

But any good spell or aoe slam just deletes this toon

So you have to have insane amount of damage to kill everything before you get actually hit
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Great build and guide. I love the fact that you can spend unlimited currency and still have more upgrades available.

It is a bit glass cannony - I have been trying a Block/Armor version instead of evasion/ghost dance. It seems to survive better - but damage is lower though I have lots of DPS upgrades waiting.

So far I have spent 60-70ish ex and that has gotten me:
20m dps
75/75 block spell block with ES on block
35k armor
5400 ES

I have another 40ex waiting to be spent so hopefully will be pumping up the deeps :)

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Do you have a version that doesnt get 1 shotted so frequently? I am having a hard time doing sims with 8k physical EHP.

Love the dps, but damn the squish is frustrating lol
is there an early leveling tree available somewhere, I know how to get my way to a decent ice spear coc assassin, i guess occultist is just a little bit different starting point, but i figured i would ask
For some reason I cant Put 3 50% reservation gems? I don't have enough life and cant figure out what is different on the build that allows you to run it.

mage_air wrote:
Correct, this is a completely glass-cannon build.

Some people love high damage glass cannon and CoC Ice Spear is fun to tune.

For those looking for a much more tanky version, check out Inquisitor.

Thanks, helped gear my new toon. just some things i noticed as i went down the hole. torments reclamation is a great belt for cdr. also awakened coc lv 5 with +3 support from crit mastery = 31% cdr, 20% from belt. and a 2% cdr abyss jewel will be enough for the >51% cdr breakpoint.
Hello there and thank you for the perfect guide.I need one clarification if you don't mind.At around lvl 85 I started getting this build together.I have the amount of currency to go for the 52%cdr limit.But my level is not high enough for getting the attack speed needed for it through clusters.So my question is:shall I annoint first my passive points on clusters and then proceed with the rest of the tree as mentioned in the guide?Would it be ok?
Hi. Thanks for the detailed guide! Looks fun. But can you tell me, how you get 10K evasion? I don't get it. Can't find it in the gear or the tree. Guess I'm missing something.

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