[3.17] Crystallised Omniscience Tornado-Shot Deadeye 10m+ DPS (Medium to infinite budget)

Path of Building (Community Fork)

Uber Elder (1 death, ate an off-screen slam) https://youtu.be/QfmRL5jWl5s
5-Way Legion https://youtu.be/bXAArcRfTGg
Maven (died at last memory game because I hate it) https://youtu.be/utcSk5KygfQ

The Build:

This is a build that features an absurd amount of DPS and insane clear for not very much investment. However, it also scales extremely well with high investment. This build is squishy and employs the "The best defense in PoE is making sure everything is dead before it can attack" defense, which frankly is more reliable than most forms of defense I've found over the years. This is not a league starter, as it relies on a Pinnacle Boss drop, though you can transition into this build from any standard bow build.

We utilize the new 3.17 amulet "Crystallised Omniscience." This amulet is sort of weird to build around as it completely removes all of your attributes and converts them into an Omniscience stat that will satisfy your attribute requirement for items, while also pretty much eliminating the need for resistance or penetration on your gear / build.

I picked Tornado-Shot because frankly its just my favorite skill in the game. It can shotgun bosses and might be the best clear skill there is.

Deadeye naturally synergizes with this skill, as it benefits heavily from extra projectiles, chaining, and the buff to Sniper's Mark. Because we are squishy, we take Far Shot and clear things before they're even rendered on your screen.

Gearing for Crystallised Omniscience is kind of strange. You don't worry about resistances whatsoever, and mainly focus on attributes. Each +attribute line on an item will be converted to Omniscience. This does not include things like "all attributes" multiple times. +11 to all attributes is +11 to omniscience.

Essences (Rage, Sorrow, and Spite) are the best way to craft a lot of your items, and buying fractured items with Tier 1 to any attribute as the fracture makes it even easier. Examples of fractured items that are extremely easy to craft into Omniscience rings:

For your bow, a Solarine Bow is likely the best and simplest base you can get, as it comes preloaded with a good chunk of elemental damage. We do not scale physical damage whatsoever, to benefit from the massive elemental penetration we get from our amulet.

To start out, simple Essence crafting (Hatred, Wrath, Anger) is again a great option. Deafening Essences grant Tier 2 elemental damage prefix, which means you really only have to hit a single random roll two have a giant chunk of elemental damage. If you want to make a more advanced bow, buying a fractured bow with T1 elemental damage can make the process much easier. Craft attack speed to finish off your bow.

This is a pretty godly bow I crafted. For most of the league I used a similar bow without the +2 arrows:

Since we go all-in on offense, Hyrri's Ire is a no brainer:

Alternatively, a Hunter-influenced chest piece with +chance to critically strike with attacks can work with a bit less damage but far more survivability if you build life on it.

Asenath's Chant is a cheap helmet that automatically casts socketed skills, namely Hydrosphere and Tornado(not shot), as well as Sniper's Mark. This saves us from clicking three separate buttons and is too convenient to pass up.

As for a Belt, a Stygian Vise crafted with a Deafening Essence to any non-strength attribute can result in a natural strength roll and the crafted dex or intelligence roll. Only takes a few essences to hit it, and this belt isn't even that good.

Any Essence crafted quiver (if you've noticed a pattern, the mass amounts of Essences you get this league with the atlas points make this a lot easier). Stats to look out for are:

- Bow attacks fire an additional arrow
- Added Fire, Lightning, or Cold damage
- Attack speed
- Critical multiplier
- Projectile speed

Boots and gloves are whatever. Just try to get as many attributes as possible. Attack speed on Gloves are always nice, and the new Eldritch implicit Action Speed on boots is very nice.

You will need some accuracy on your gear as you have no dexterity to scale Accuracy. Precision does a lot of the heavy lifting, but you still need at least one piece with a decent amount of accuracy to hit 100%.

Dying Sun is a good quick DPS and clear boost, and really the only other flask you need is any Diamond Flask for more crit.

Ricochet -> Endless Munitions -> Far Shot -> Gathering Winds (for clear) or Focal Point (for bossing). You can get a Forbidden Flame and Flesh to have both of these options but they are extremely expensive.

Gem Links
Auras: Anger, Precision, Grace (or Wrath if you want literally 0 defenses)

Main: T.Shot - Inspiration - Trinity - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Elemental Damage with Attacks (or Increased Critical Strikes) - Increased Critical Damage

Ballista: T.Shot - Ballista Totem - Focused Ballista - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Increased Critical Damage

Helmet: Tornado-Hydrosphere-Sniper's Mark-Power Charge on Critical

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Looks pretty sick, I might give this a shot before they destroy Omniscience next patch or soemthing.

What did your leveling process look like?
looks good
ConsPark wrote:
Looks pretty sick, I might give this a shot before they destroy Omniscience next patch or soemthing.

What did your leveling process look like?

I leveled with Galvanic Arrow and a Storm Cloud into a Tempest. Switched to Omniscience and TS when I could use a Solarine Bow at 70
what are the important named passives for the Brutal restraint you use?
What's the budget for this build?
TheKenjataimu wrote:
What's the budget for this build?

- Crystallised Omniscience is about 15c right now.
- An ilvl 84 Solarine Bow is like 10-15c.
- Let's say an average of 10-20 Deafening Essences to hit some good ele damage would be 30-60c depending on the essence.
- Rings with T1 Fractured stats for crafting are 2-3c.
- Hyrri's Ire is 20c
- Fusings to 6L is completely variable, let's just say 1ex.

So minimum 2ex, maximum pretty much has no limits.
MADofVie wrote:
what are the important named passives for the Brutal restraint you use?

Anything with Ele damage, projectile damage is fine. I just slapped the first one I got on. The passive stat gain on all small nodes is very valuable.
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I put together a scuffed version of this build today, but I've never really played this type of build so I'm lost on how to scale the dmg appropriately.

Any chance someone could take a peak at my gear and possibly point out some glaring issues to boost my dmg or survivability? wondering if there's some easy tweaks i can make before i start aiming for big item upgrades.
how do you capped resists without realy well rolled lethal pride or brutal restraint ?

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