3.17.0 Hotfix 12

keep going ggg <3
Great! All my Blight maps after the Hotfix have worked without any failed activations. Thanks for the fix and good job :)
Thx for the fix!!! Good jobs :3
We appreciate your efforts <3
You still can't open a normal map together with a blight scarab and a blight sextant, saying "Unable to open Map. The Map being opened already contains a Blight encounter." Please help!

Edit: same with the "contains a blight encounter" map enchant.
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Thank you GGG, the most enjoyment I get out of POE is blight <3
How about fixing the busted passives that do NOTHING?
This game still confuses me.
If anyone still has trouble after the hotfix, try this.
external surprise
all good :D

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Finally xd

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