3.17.0 Hotfix 11

blight + metamorph 1 organ bugs rly hurt
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Please fix Melding of the Flesh Cobalt Jewel.
Reddit post on blight for anyone who cares. Its being investigated.


6 days ago
We're investigating this.
bLiGhT FiX wHeN?!?!?!?!?
Why last league when Shaper and Elder were already captured it wasn't possible to get Maven on Uber Elder and now it's possible ? It doesn't make any sense and if you don't take care about the fact you let it on, you're just putting the difficulty way above than it should be :)

Otherwise whats the point of it's existence, as well of the passives in the atlas tree

And btw, that chests tracker (The bar on the bottom of the screen) often disappears, even if you are in the range of them
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i got my first blight fail last night. nothing i did would open it. i wonder if the blight issue has anything to do with prophecy removal or how it was removed

edit: since it's a T16 corrupted in kirac's mission, i really want to run it but just won't open
poe is going down fast. playing Last Epoch now. much better game
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Game is dead. Skipped leaguee cuz of blights are still not working after 10 days. Traid is dead, selling my Awakened melee 2 days for minimum price. Noone buy nothing. Fake 80r online imho
Very sad GGG. I invested literally all my points in the passive tree in Blight and non blight related nodes that could help me farm the maps quicker, eager to attempt doing Blight most of the league.

But still, over a week from the beginning I haven't been able to play even one Blight map this league.

Countless Blight maps I was unable to do in Kirac missions.

Countless waiting in my storage collecting dust & roaches.

I'm happy for all the people who are happy getting to fully experience whatever content they seek out on tree making 100s of exalts with Einhar, Essence, Harbinger or end game bosses.

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