3.17.0 Hotfix 7

blight map fix ?
Totally agree!!! What's the hell, why I can't do content for which I created build?
Ferro ignique
Thank you for Kirac fix (call to arms)
Blighted map fix please. For me POE is tower defend game. I dont wanna do other things. Please :(
I have moved Maven progress from 24/10 to 29/10 and still nothing, please help!
30/10 - I must be the leader in POE by now :D
Fixed a bug where your first Maven Invitation for the 10 boss encounter was not guaranteed to drop after collecting 10 bosses. For players who missed this guaranteed drop, it can be obtained by completing any Tier 14+ Map while having 10 or more bosses collected.

Still an issue
Did resolve itself by completing a T14 map without Maven watching
Actually, for Maven fix, I did run into the same problem again:

The problem did solve itself ONCE - so did go from 30/10 boss progression, to 0/10 and dropped the invitation, but now I am not getting invitations and it's 11/10 again.


Hi Kirac is still giving me T16 maps even though I have only completed Tier 11. I thought this was a mechanic in which the game leads us to using our scouting report so I did... Then it's just a bunch of T16 maps again. Would you please fix it cause I'm kind of stuck now.

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