3.17.0 Hotfix 6

Kirac bug fix pls ss +++++
The interdimensional waterfall sounds can go if it were up to me tbh.
Blight map next?
intermittent sound. sound will come an go randomly. graphic anomalies like Jun with what looks like a whip or rope attached to one of the betrayal members frozen in place mid action. so many issues
poe is going down fast. playing Last Epoch now. much better game
Please fix the Kirac/Atlas bug :(
Voimas wrote:
Please fix the Kirac/Atlas bug :(

Yep its so unfair that we cant access league passive tree.
Would be nice if ggg have some balls and give us some kind of compensation like free boxes or something
Fix blight pls.
It's kind of unacceptable at this point that this bug still exists - now to the extend that you can't open blighted maps AT ALL.
3 days and still no kirac fix, are you kidding guys?
A lot of atlas passives isn't working on Shaper Guardians maps.

The ones I tried and didn't work was Test of Loyalty (+1 rank to executed syndicate members), Ominous Arrival (+1 Harbinger), Prolific Essence (+1 essence), twice Tempted (+1 strongbox) and Tamper-Proof (strongboxes are at least rare and corrupted).

Maybe it's intentional but it feels unexpected since they work on Elder Guardians maps and Conquerors maps.
Please fix blighted maps its so annoying

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