3.17.0 Hotfix 6

Nodes are still not working for me. Just ran a synth map, zero synth items, and a 2 implicit ring.

Update: Tried a new (current) synth map and it worked. Still not applying to any legacy synth maps though. Previous atlas passives for synth worked on any version of synth maps. Hopefully that can be fixed as well.
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The unable situation for the blight map opening needed to sovle
for the eo
what about kirac (call to arms)? i think thats the most important and you should solve it as soon as possible we just cant play game like we want to and losing so much currency without it ,

Its a bit frustrating to play when friends getting so much from essence etc and i have nothing because i cant access that mechanic
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^^ preach, i have 40 atlas passives i cannot allocate and running maps by myself via karui shores sucks since i know im missing out on all that juice.....please fix soon id rather have instance crashes than not being able to access one of the largest selling points of the league :(
11/10 kill for maven invitation, seems bugged. No maven invitation drop. Or is this normal?
DjVashi wrote:
still got problem with Visual C++ errors crashing my game every map

+1 except crashing when I go to launch the game. Every time. Visual C++ runtime error - "has requested to terminate the process in an unusual way"

edit: It keeps happening, ans I also get an error "AMD graphics driver disabled and re-initializing" so it may be a graphics driver related issue. Have updated driver manually and it is still happening.
Harvest, like Lab, is "work-life balance" content. There's very few activities left that give you permission to not be available for every minor interruption. "Sec I got plants to sort" is very powerful medicine.
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Currently, farming blight maps is cookie clicker simulator. Some maps are opening only after 20-30 minutes of clicking 'activate' in map device.
Not sure if mods watch the replies, but reminder that Whirling Blades isn't name locking.
Pff, who even plays Standard?

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