3.16.3c Patch Notes

And yet still the main problem with the sound bug, especially the disturbance of loot filters is NOT FIXED. God you should be ashamed by now. Like anyone cares about the fix u provided, fix the things that are important, how about that!?
i get this and now i can`t install and play help

Error: Failed writing received data to disk...
ever since the recent patch my gpu driver times out. both b and c patches havent fixed it. I played 500 hours in scourge just fine before the recent patch.

why fix the sound issues when they have a new league to hurry up and shove out the door
poe is going down fast. playing Last Epoch now. much better game
Hm, one more thread where only long time players linger about. One said "And thus, Scourge slips into oblivion, where it belongs." - I discovered the mechanics of scourge, and that I indeed can survive switching to the netherworld, only recently, like two weeks ago. Only made it to act 3 the way I play, slowly developing 4-5 characters alternatively, and am extremely sad I won't be able anymore to craft sometimes insane gear, it was so much fun; sometimes I wish I had risked more fights with my wife over my excessive playing just so to see more of Scourge.
just lost my grand heist portal after I went back to the harbor to drop off loot and the game hung for like 15s. goodbye two wings. nice "patch"
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ty for the fix
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No CPU multithreading fix. That's a sad before 3.17 start.
Some of the new monsters from act 2 aren't able to be desecrated properly when raised as spectres.

Despite raising them as spectres, the undead vaal archer (fire, as cold and lightning don't seem to spawn anywhere), undead vaal commander, undead vaal bladedancer and undead vaal guard (tl;dr new monsters added to 'The Vaal Ruins' area in act 2) aren't able to be desecrated.

If they die and I want to re-summon them I have to go back to that area to raise them. Can you please check the flags on new monsters added.

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