3.16.3c Patch Notes

Fixed a bug where chat alert volume was affected by the master volume setting, resulting in chat alerts being affected by the "mute in background" option.

This isn't a bug. Master volume called like that because it normally should affect all the sounds volume produced by the client.
You better revert it back and add an option to "never mute chat alerts while in background".
Problem: impostor syndrome
Solution: nerf everything
Result: depressing mess
fix the threshold jewel removal, dont fcchk up melee further plz
So No Fix for the sound bugs introdused 2 patches ago... Well I gues they wil be fixed in POE 2 ....
The sound bug is very annoying.
Have had this issue since yesterday. Every 5-10 min i get thrown out to login screen with this message "Failed to connect to instance". Especially when going from one area to another and get the load screen. But now I got it twice just trying to get into the karui shores. Also since the patch about 1 week ago game has been really buggy. Screen freezes, poe shutsdown middle of map etc. All friends I have talked to ingame are saying they are experiencing the same thing. Please notice these issues.

Edit: and yeah the sound it fucked... sound from chat allerts, drops etc have like 1-2sec delay.
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3rd page of comments and still no whining about no atlas tree drop? I am so proud of this community
Any word on if the Read-Only Maps Stash tab in off season is going to be fixed?
Goodbye Scourge.
We will never see scourge or synthesis again, but metamorph and synthesis remains.
It was fun, i miss you already.
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so many disconnects WTH???? :/
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