Content Update 3.17.0 -- Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas

osperand wrote:
Where is the notes about changing the XP death penalty?

You now lose 5% XP each death after act 5, i am at the end of act 10 and usually i am at least level 73, currently level 69. Those 5%'s add up!!

I know people will think i am whinging, but was it really needed? All it does is slow down even further the levelling. I hope they have change the xp penalty for level 95+ too?

This change was never needed and just makes me want to only play braindead builds which makes me not want to play.


also hope never bad UI and small limited recipes/stash/inventory anymore like now...
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xcomputerseu wrote:
The +1 arrow mod is currenty not on Hunter quivers but on Warlord quivers.

GGG, please fix this in the patch notes.
The +1 arrow prefix was Shaper and Warlord quivers, not Shaper and Hunter.
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