Game Balance in Siege of the Atlas

Womanyzer1993 wrote:
"With at least 40 Intelligence in Radius, Blight has 30% reduced Cast Speed". Existing items can be updated to the new stat with a Divine Orb.

Do I get something wrong here?...

Yes, you got something wrong here :) But it's not unusual given the complexity of the game and the specificity of language they use.

Basically they are saying that 30% reduced cast speed means it takes 30% less time to cast it. So it's faster to cast. But obviously in this game, reduced usually means worse so I'm sure you're not alone in wondering if something was wrong here.

I'm pretty sure, that's not what it means.

" Cast Time " has nothing to do with " Cast Speed ".

Blight has a 0.3 Second " Cast Time ", while chanelling at a rate of 3.333" Cast's / Second, wich are the ticks, affected by " Cast speed ", applying the debuff, wich deals damage at a rate, based on the characters abillity to deal damage over time at a specific, modifiable rate. ( Debuffs inflict damage x% faster ).

So reducing " Cast Speed " increases the " Cast Time ".
Resulting in a 0.09 seconds base " Cast Time " ( Also Cast Rate ), PER tick.

Leaving me with the conclusion:

Using this jewel sets the base cast time to 0.39 Sec instead of 0.30, wich is a nerf??

Proof me wrong, I really want this to be a typo.
Voidfletcher outclasses rare quivers for many builds.

What? Unique items SHOULD be better than rare ones, or what's their point then?

Headhunter is better than rare belts?
There once was an exile who found a map of infinite doctors.
Interesting meta change. It does not feel bad or good, it feels just ok?
the nerfs were expected, that immortal boneshatter jugg build was out of control this league, the most broken build I ever saw in poe + the other immortal leech builds that could even stand in darkness without issues and ignored maven hits and memory game taking 0 damage, got fixed.

Removal of mark on hit is a problem though for many builds that have no sockets to spare for self casting mark, even worse having space for 2 gems now mark on hit + mark it self
the best state of PoE was 3.13,
3.22 is a close second
lol ice spear even stronger than before. haha.
Mirror of Kalandra?
Great set of changes! Excited for the new league and atlas
Didn't read lol
"Storm Burst: Now deals 6 to 8 Physical Damage at gem level 1 (unchanged), up to 168 to 252 at gem level 20 (previously 114 to 171). Now has 35% Effectiveness of Added Damage at all gem levels (previously 25%)."

The skill that no one uses, never have, never has been within a billion miles of the meta, requires standing still...

I like that someone was sitting there thinking ... should we go above 252 damage, or 35% damage effectiveness?

No, that would be crazy overpowered...
Nerf Manifesto

Basically - no one will use self cast still because it still has same issue with game design.

Everything else hammered.

Thanks GGG

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