Game Balance in Siege of the Atlas

It is so much fun to read the comments after posts about balancing. I grab myself a coffee during work breaks and just read. Hilarious!

My 2 cents on this:
I love this game! I love every change they do! What is this game about? Its about creating a nice and sound builds to rock the endgame (I don’t rock, I play – I´m a casual – I don’t have 30M DPS builds). And EVERY single patch there are such builds… and not only 1 or 2 but many! Community just don’t know them yet. So why complaining about changes when they just keep the game fresh? I want to hear the crybabies when nothing would ever change. Would they really play their favorite builds over and over again? NO! They would start complaining about the boring game…
My opinion is: the louder the complaint (and the more rude) the more they just love the game! Feel honored if you are shout at – they just can’t handle their emotions well!
Thank you GGG for listening to the community, thank you for providing such a well matured game FOR FREE, thank you for creating fresh and nice game content on this super-fast pace!

One thing I would like to mention is: Please NERF your teasers! Can’t handle the excitement anymore! I´m turning 40 this year, have a family and I`m settled in life… and every time the teaser season begins I´m a child again… I can’t remember the last time I was excited about Christmas… but I do remember the feeling…and exactly this feeling is coming back a couple of days before the league reveal…unbelievable! Thank you GGG!
Love your game, will support you – keep going!

To all the haters out there: Go play Lost Ark, you won’t be missed. And 10 bucks you all are coming back!

VeryMelon wrote:
Toxic Rain has very strong damage over time and a low build cost compared to other bow builds. It also benefits from some of the quiver and Mastery changes made to improve hit-based bow skills.

Reduce the high-level damage of Toxic Rain in order to partially negate the improvements to quivers and bring it more in line with other skills.

I wonder which dev watched Darkee spend 90 minutes clearing Simulacrum 30 and thought "Yep, Toxic Rain does too much DPS at the top end".

maybe they say that because you can clear up to shaper and white invitations on toxic rain with a quill rain that you can buy 4 hours in the league for 5c. once u have 10 ex you can craft your endgame bow that shots your dmg to the sky.
yes. TR is too strong.
Rip dancing duo. They'd better add rampage back to the item in the patch notes because it makes zero sense to remove it.
The Bow&Quiver "Buffs" are to small to achieve your proclaimed goal of enabling bow meta outside of 300 ex investment range. Especially in conjunction with the awakend added damage nerfs. The %more damage values on the bow skill gems themselves need to be buffed as well otherwise you'll just have wasted your time .. again. Spell damage buffs on some of the selfcast stuff look promising. Still mechanicly some of the must underwhelming&clunky stuff in the game so i wonder how many people will be baited there .. again :D

Redundant manifesto overall; the bottom line .. AGAIN to little and to inconsequential with a sprinkle of nonsense far away from logic&reason and good measure.
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Rekill wrote:
Rofl xD iam happy that i decided not to play or support this game any more. Also opens up lot of time to play multiple other games that are actual fun. And don't feel like a second tedious job.

Wait...why are you here, then? Did you stop playing the game but still read the forums? I appreciate your commitment. *slow clap*
Please buff scorching ray, a self cast spell that you missed
game still sucks, when are you going to fix crafting, drops, league mechanics stacking too much, lag, servers disconnecting during sirius, maven, and elder at higher rates, all of the skill gems at 1% of builds at the end of the game, Trade scams, bot spams, insta deaths, wall clips, unlootable items, lag spikes, monsters bleeding and poisoning for way too much damage in an unintended manner, monsters bleeding and poisoning for way too much damage at an intended manner, flasks using too many charges, flasks using not enough charges, memory leaks, and Chris Wilsons ego.
BlazeSTX wrote:
I am just reminding that IceStorm - the single most iconic Path of Exile spell is now practically gone, because the unreasonable nerfs, absurdly bad redesigns and destroyed defense mechanic, and we are not yet speaking about the limited ices which dropping now making it looks "meh".
Guys - most of the players could run on their computers not only 1, but like 10 x Path of Exiles while playing Cyberpunk 2077 on one of their monitors, limiting the ices which drops from IceStorm from like 50 to like 20 does nothing more than destroy the beauty of this skill.
Aside of this a lot of players have come to Path of Exile due their love to Cold Sorc on D2, and they jump on their beloved Icestorm, which you practically keep destroying since PoE 3.0, and now - I see nothing else from you guys than sitting and pretending that you have done a good job by "Balancing" it, but you have actually killed it.

exactly this !!!!

I play the icestorm skill many leagues now. It is the only skill i like to play. I tried some other playstyles, but the most fun i had with this skill. And you destroy it bit by bit every league.

Its not a extremly strong skill, its not a really common skill. Its only a really fun skill. You let headhunter unchangend since it exists. Its a build and contend enabling item. Often in timeless conflict it crashs the instance AND it is the only item, what let you effectivly farm that contend. But icestorm get nearly destroyed in case of serverload.

I am really not sure why they are so hard trying to kick every single player out of the game ?!
Not sure until which point we can hold it.
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Changes to Toxic Rain sucks. It doesn't benefit from mastery changes and not much from quiver changes. Bow mastery for toxic rain was in fact nerfed and TR dmg was nerfed 16.5%. See you next league I guess. No support too. GGG at it's best breaking fun as always.
Improve many skills that rely heavily on unique Threshold Jewels to enhance their damage and remove or change these jewels. For many such skills, this means granting more damage in exchange for efficient sources of extra projectiles. This includes skills like Freezing Pulse, Frostbolt, Heavy Strike and Cleave. For damage-focused spells, the result of these changes means that their damage has increased on top of the damage multiplier noted above.

So by changing, you mean total removal...Nice one.

Frost orb in particular moves slow as snot. Without the extra projectiles to cover a larger cone, this spell just made the trashbin. No amount of damage will save this.

Maybe someday you will be able to stop utterly destroying builds that have never been in the meta and never will be.

Am glad I basically stopped playing this the last two seasons. (I had played a lot every single season since open beta). Too many cases of things like this totally breaking characters to an literally an unplayabel state (hint marks and hexes change) to just not worth any investement to actual make viable at all.

Until you can make a patch that leaves the core of the game intact, I won't bother playing or giving you another red cent.

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