Game Balance in Siege of the Atlas

Not sure what some people here are whining about.
There aren't really that many nerfs, and most of them are to balance out the buffed spells.

I'd like some form of statement about the abandonment of Scourge mid-league, though. All in all, it was a great concept, just the odds of good scourging were unrealistically low.
Also, just adding tons of currency drops when something isn't rewarding enough (scourged maps) is super boring.
More interesting and league-specific rewards, please.
More interesting and league-specific rewards, please.
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Do i see Hailrake there, interesting...
I Guess Melee don't need help, but traps gets a buff, K.
thanks for some love to spells, bows although it doesn't solve defense issues with those archetypes (kill before getting killed).
So DD/Ex trap league again i suppose...
Rip builds depending on threshold jewels (big nerfs for those) =(
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you guys have made terrible mistake again.
i can't believe how can you do the wrong works every league
i'm 100% sure you guys rather do nothing.
that would be better
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Hi GGG, boost up spell for AutoCast seems a great idea. Nerf "Spell totem support" seems legit for balancing totem that are not supposed to benefit from the spell base damage boost. But why change "Soul Mantle" unique, I think it's a bit of an overdoing ... And given that "Elemental overload" does not work on totems anymore (I tried two days ago and it did not change the damage displayed in game so it's not fixed I think) do you think that we can play an "Elemental Skill Totem build" this league? I ask that because Arc totem was my first build and I loved it (not great damage but not bad at all) but it seems like today only physical/arrow totem/ballista build can really make it into end game ... And I think it's sad ...

Anyway, I love your game, great job trying to balance all of that. Just be gentle on my totems builds please.

Wish you luck for this season,
Tiptonite wrote:
Added a new Dexterity Support gem - Mark on Hit: Trigger Supported Mark Skill when you Hit a Rare or Unique Enemy with an Attack. This support adds a cooldown and a small curse effect penalty to the triggered Mark skill, but does not need to be linked to the triggering attack.

Will this new gem work on hit if socketed into a piece of gear that has been corrupted with Level # XXXX Mark Skill?

to my understanding, there isnt even a vaal implicit gaining MARKS on hit, just hexes. or am i forgetting smth here?

EDIT: okay found it, but who even remotely cares about legacy gloves in standard?
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Very disappointed by this patchnote! It doesn't fix any of the problems selfcast players are facing, it's even adding more of them. Let's hope they will use the last days to improve it because it doesn't sound fun or efficient to even give it another try...
Giving endgame possibilities to regain what we passively lost is not going to help people sailing through campaign and white maps, leading to even more pain.

Oh and adding nerfs to unused (or below " average ") unique items isn't a good idea. Trashing specific jewels mandatory without giving its utility on thoses spells is not going to magically work (for example Freezing Pulse).
Was expecting few words about discharge but... nope.
So selfcasting is back to roughly pre 3.15 nerfs and that is supposed to hype somebody? kekw
So you completely destroy Freezing Pulse totems - non-meta, average power, niche build, and you call that "balance"?????

It's not the first time that I finally found a decent build (never meta), that I invested lots of time into learning how to play (I'm not very technical) and you're forcing me to look for a new one again.

This game starts to feel completely unrewarding. Every league I feel like I'm starting from zero again as all the effort and learning I did in previous leagues turns into nothing. It's not fun to play like that!
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Fart_Smucker wrote:
Riverwind77 wrote:
Noooova wrote:

So it's not an advantage to be able to trade? Still learning new things here.

You dont need to pay to trade, you need to pay to be able to SELL and show up in websites, but youre free to buy things and trade with everyone.

Yeah, you have a lot to learn.

Sure because how things cost lately for actual good upgrades to do all the content in this game with any build outside a broken meta is affordable when you dont sell anything, right?

I bet your brain will explode when i tell you currency is farmable, and its the only way to get it at first.
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