Game Balance in Siege of the Atlas

Genc is a noob
The Soul Mantle Unique Body Armour no longer has +1 to maximum number of Summoned Totems.

Why????????????? RIP Arc Totem Hierophant (one more time)
There once was an exile who found a map of infinite doctors.
i can only imagine next league awakened gems expensive as hell and no more fated connection prophecy to link
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ZZZ Why kill the one type of build i enjoy playing, CoC already struggling because of mana issues, accuracy, crit chance, and having to have defensive options on top of that, now it gets a 40% nerf and increased CD on on cast uniques. Like Chris we dont want to stand in one place and cast a fukken spell this isnt 1998 we don't play games like that anymore.
Not really surprised by any changes, aside from buffing caster gems and bows. Gonna need some patch notes to determine what league start I'll be running seeing as Toxic Rain got gutted.
Ah yes, glacial hammer nerfs. Good. Wonder if they were aware that the jewel they removed actually also gave splash damage to the skill, and was essentially the only reason to use it.
yeah boi
Noko193 wrote:
CoC is completely dead now Sadge

Are u sure? From what I see they are just nerfing the value cause of the increase (+- 40% ) on base spell damage. So at the end it should remain more or less the same. Please math genius pob warriors help me here hehe

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