With the Siege of the Atlas full reveal right around the corner, we wanted to wrap up our recent favourite fan art from the past series by showcasing artwork based on the Echoes of the Atlas expansion! Check out these stunning Maven-inspired pieces below!

Maven fanart by Conqista

Maven by FudgeCakeDevil

Maven Fanart by WidoXx

The Maven by JoeDuncan

Maven Cosplay by Penny_a

The Maven by Anrea

The Maven by FrenkHorrigan

Clay Maven Sculpture by Apocalypso_

We can't wait to see what you come up with based on our next expansion! Be sure to post your creations in the Community Showcase forum.
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Grinding Gear Games

All look really good, my favorite is The Maven by JoeDuncan
Who’s the big baddie now?
IGN: JerleCantStopRolling
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
Ripped 760pdps +2arrow bow 16 Aug 2020 - 16 Aug 2020
getting atlas passives not from maven witnesses anymore?
The one by Apocalypso_ is a 3D model Kudos!!
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can we use some of these as ingame portrait mtx?
Have you seen the sun exile? THE TRUE SUN?
The Maven by Anrea looks so good!!

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