[3.19 Updated] Beginner-friendly Spectral helix champion.

Trying Spell Helix for the first time this year/league. Hope it doesn't get TOO complex which is always my achilles heel in this game.
Thanks for the guide! Still not able to get all the auras working. How do you get enough mana reservation? I have followed your tree (champion of the cause) and have the Sovereignty anointment. Pride, Banner, B&S, Determination?
nevermind - figured it out. I need the last uber lab to get the free banner.
I tried this build but in part II of the game I'm just a dirty one shot for nearly anything. My level is high enough but I don't get any good armor with decent slots (for slots with wrong color was the highest i got) and the gambling shit with changing color, number of slots and their connection Doenst work. Is there anything I can do to not get fucked in my bloody arsehole and get a decent armor?
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