February Expansion Date Reveal

I feel strong Lovecraftian vibe, I like it! :>
So....water henti league?
Aarondile wrote:
Keep up the good work GGG, always excited. Forget Lost Ark, it's not even close.

if their keep nerf hard 3.17 then people pick Lost Ark for refreshment
Quicker than Expected. I was sure the nebulous "early February" meant the 11th. I'm hyped.
Did anyone Else have an Abyss Flashback the 1989 James Cameron Movie it Sorta looks like them
loudpinks2000 wrote:
NoyAvargel wrote:
hopefully it will be a good expansion with big changes to the entire endgame and less grindy ...

i also hope they/you will manage to do something about items in this game.. and crafting and gear progression because if nothing is improved about items and how they drop (rares) then for me its cant be good or worth playing..
the fact that items are barely ever if at all worth picking up takes away the fun from runing maps

I'm sure you complain the same way every season. Yet here you are, having spent more money on the game than 99% of players. Why bother posting? You won't quit. You'll spend more money. I know it, you know it, GGG knows it.

Yes he may have spent much but that's because he loves this game and his criticism to the loot system is valid but GGG sadly never responds to these because apparently players reaching good gear with high tier mods easy and early is BAD.

Even though u need them to progress into the highest tiers of the atlas where tier 9 live Regen Mod even with maxed live recovery won't help you.

It's funny: GGG said crafting is OP
So they nerfed multi crafting
GGG said harvest crafting 2OP
So they nerfed it
It's sad: GGG said finding rares should
be worth the time identifying
But they won't buff high tier
mod drop chance in high tier
Buissonix wrote:
VanNI8ren wrote:
【solo+can-trade】MODE pls

I'd rather have Group Self Found imho

That already exists - private leagues.
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artifleur wrote:
bgdmm wrote:

Hmm, that just means "no grouping possible".

But, in order to trade, you would need a group invite, to be able to enter sellers' hideout. Which means some new mechanics for trading/hideout access without group invite would have to be put in place.

Or, you would be literally forced to meet in towns, which then means only in towns the lower level char can access... etc.

This would only make the whole procedure even more cumbersome than it already is.

What's the point?

I guess they could enable players joining another player's hideout while preventing them from joining any other instance belonging to other players.

Doesn't seem that complicated to me but I could be wrong.

But still - it's literally just "grouping is disabled" mode. What's the point, exactly?

The SSF people can at least brag, "look, I did all this and made it this far just on my own, using exclusively my own drops!". HCSSF people even more so.

Where are the bragging rights for that "no grouping" mode?

"Hey look, I farmed currency all day long and bought all this stuff from other people, but, BUT! I never grouped!"

Kinda pointless, bordering on ridiculous, to be honest.

Last edited by bgdmm on Jan 15, 2022, 2:56:23 AM
Please make this one some playable and attractive for old players, Last league I took part was ritual (prob the best league ever), has been really bad since then. Not expending money in the game since Orion sup pack.

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