Favourite Atlas-Themed Fan Art from the Past

These look amazing. It feels weird though, are we about to lose all our old bois like shaper and elder?
I can't wait for Sirus to fuck off.
Support a free Hong Kong.

I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with
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The second one is GORGEOUS - not only is the line work fantastic, but the color they chose for the compass is BEAUTIFUL.

The first one is so cool, I love how Zana is falling through the floor into the celestial patch!
I was going to wait until the midpoint of the year before deciding about upgrading to the Incinerator Supporter, but if signs like this keep happening I might not make it halfway through the first league.

Power creep took a leap with influence modifiers. The otherworldly creator/destroyer narrative that began with 2.0 has been enjoyable enough, but the possibility of it soon concluding with the Maven's progenitor and returning to the original PoE storyline style, perhaps along with a rework/balance of influence modifiers makes me excited about what is to come leading to PoE 2. I know as little as anyone else who doesn't have direct contact with the developers, but that horizon seems to be taking shape and the hype is spreading to my bones. The end appears nigh, I have no soul and my body is all but yours now GGG.
Any chance to download these on high resolution somewhere
"Shaper's Orb" is awesome. Incredibly well done.
yy6241 is an amazing artist.

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