Favourite Atlas-Themed Fan Art from the Past

yy6241's Shaper, Kitava, Atziri and Zana art is so good.
I think Zana is not normal human but some kind of Valdo's creation of all of them. He is shaper, so why he did not "shape" Zana? Her skills, appearance and style is more like vaal than templar.

PS. Better do not search for other arts of yy6241. I can not unwatch them :c

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MonaHuna wrote:
mmogger wrote:
pr13st wrote:
Wait are the shaper & guardians gone? Is that the big change in 3.17?
Gasp, is it the whole atlas?
https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/ruyq0b/ggg_please_make_map_device_small_on_default/hraixpi/ draw your own conclusions from that

Current main endgame story, which begins with meeting with Kirac and map device repairing and ends with Sirus defeating, retires. Not a revealation or smth, that was know for a while.

Nothing about shaper/elder and their guardians will gone. I expect they will be joined by the Conquerors but not replace them.

It seems like an educated guess but can you also back this up with a source?
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I just had a bonkers idea, I remember that The One That Got Away or whatever krangled alva is called saying that only one reality escapes the scourge and it's the one dominated by the high templar.

So WHAT IF... Venarius is back and atlas is replaced by some version of synthesis where those memory areas are actually the maps and you can make pathways between them like in synthesis.
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was going to submit "Conqs taking over, Shaper & Elder pack their bags and head for a much-needed seaside vacation" drawing for the competition at the start of Metamorph, but I was busy with something else.

Valdo, lounging on a beach towel in his Spaceman Spiff swim trunks and sipping on a Dying Capri Sun, leans over to his old nemesis Fh'tagn (The Elder), sprawled out on a folding beach chair with tentacles spilling over the side, random eyes studding their lengths sporting Ray-Bans, its misshapen axial mass clumsily stuffed into cargo pants and flip-flops teetering on its pseudopods, visibly sunburned on some surfaces and pallid and oozing on others.

"Y'know, old thing, I wonder how Zana's holding up, what with all the mess we made."

"She's fine, probably glad to be rid of us. Look how fast she threw out your cartography orbs when she heard about the staffing changes." Elder dabs a bit more zinc oxide across what looks like it might be trying to be the bridge of its nose.

A stray eyeball lazily follows a fishwife as she floats past on a foam raft shaped like a waypoint.

In the background, behind Shaper's head, an old fella in an oldey-timey single-piece bathing suit ambles past with about 12 innertubes circling his waist and knees; a red one, a solid green one, one with little green pinwheel patterns, a few different blue ones, one with innocence symbols along the outer edges, etc. He's carrying a surfboard textured like the Prism Guardian.

"That reminds me, I should go grab us some hot dogs," says Shaper as he leans forward, brushing sand off his Star Wars T-shirt and fishing in his ass pocket for his wallet. Meanwhile, a stray tentacle behind Shaper's beach towel scoots said missing wallet a little closer to Elder's chaise longue.
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Glorious. Praise be to Atziri's nose ring, it sure makes the mind wander. ^^
Reinhart wrote:
It seems like an educated guess but can you also back this up with a source?
Z: We're going to jump into some pre-made questions but you of course can submit your questions in the chat. We have a team of mods who are pulling questions throughout that we'll answer a little bit later on. Firstly, let's start off with "Echoes of the Atlas", the new overall major expansion. So this is like the core game content expansion, really end-game focused, with this character The Maven. So this seems like an expansion to the Sirus and Conquerors end-game that we have right now in a similar fashion to how the Elder was an expansion to the Shaper end-game. Is there a similar sort of intertwining of the story lines here like there was with the Shaper and Elder?

C: So our goal is that they exist entirely in parallel to each other, right? Like the Maven stuff is there at the same time as all the Sirus stuff, but story-wise they're different. It's more of a story expansion to the Elder story line actually because whatever type of entity The Elder was, The Maven is also. And so there's some stuff for players to explore there. And so the Sirus stuff still exists in parallel, we haven't taken anything away, though we do want to foreshadow that it is very likely that before the release of Path of Exile 2 we'll probably remove or substantially modify the Sirus storyline as well. We're still evolving the end game in the direction we want it to be in for the release of POE2, but The Maven will probably be around
for some time.
From Echoes of Atlas ZiggyD Q&A. Someone made a transcript: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3008244#p23738465
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Please put The Shaper Guardians by thiagolehmann on a t-shirt and sell it plzzzzzz <3
new unique: "Atziri nose ring"

"can be worn in helmet slot"
SOooooooooo gooood!
art is off the chain! amazing

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