Community Designed Microtransaction - Top 2 Design Options

Dark and Epic Wings - Top 2 Design Options

Three-Headed Creature (Hydra/Dragon/Cerberus)
Asymmetrical, Single-Sided Wing
Poll closed
Really hoping it doesn't have that weird flapping to it when running, other than that either works for me
but imagine a sephiroth-like wing
wings yet again?
how boring and small
I never buy or use wings. I didn't vote.
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Raycheetah wrote:
I chose the three-headed critter mainly because a one-sided wing would be silly. At best, you'd fly in circles; at worst, you wouldn't fly at all. Of course, too many "wings" in the MTX store would be "no flyers," even with two wings. =9[.]9=

Bro. You can't fly in this game even with two wings.
oh no, "both" button bricked o.o
A three headed cerberus from hell would be awesome! We already have a hydra back attachment and dragon wings.
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