Our Team is Back from the Holiday Break!

If the League sucks again like the last ones u just can keep it !
remember, we do this, for freedom.
Much love to the folks at GGG and Happy New Year!

So, PoE2 from 2022 is going to be released in 2023...

I won't be surprised to see the release date delayed to 2024.
yes, thank you so much and happy new year

one can only hope that you will take a clear step in 2022.

In terms of Path of Exile, 2021 was a year to forget.
Welcome back from your well deserved holiday!
Really hoping for a league that is more fun to engage with than 3.16 (I don't like any timed content).
Additionally, hoping for a good map re-shuffle. the 3.16 end game maps were not so fun.
You don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing.
Thank you for giving your employees a break. As an American I cannot possibly fathom what being given a break feels like.
welcome back. hope to see great expansion 3.17!__)
Awesome! I've been a fan since November 2013! This game is the best!

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