Later this week (likely on Tuesday, December 21st at 4pm PST) we'll deploy a fix to an issue in Standard league that would fail the conversion of the entire map stash tab upon converting an old map into another map that you didn't have enough room for. As a result of this fix, the map stash (and guild map stash) functionality has been changed to the following:

  • Your first purchased map stash will always be set to the current map series.
  • If the map series changes and your map stash is not empty, it will become remove-only and you will get a new empty map stash set to the current series.
  • You can only change the map series on a map stash if you still have at least one non-remove-only map stash set to the current series after the change. This means that you won't be able to change the map stash series to store legacy maps if you have only purchased one map stash. Because of this, we'll be offering a refund option to anyone who bought a single map stash solely for collecting legacy maps. Please contact our customer support at if this is the case for you.
  • Convert Maps no longer converts the current map stash in-place. It instead converts as many maps as it can find space for in your non-remove-only current series map stash(es). If you run out of space for specific converted maps, they will be left in the source map stash unconverted.
  • Convert Maps now has a progress bar and can be cancelled/resumed.
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sounds good, ty
reasonable solution
This is a good explanation. Thank you.
I was disappointed this took so long but I can see why it did. So thank you for the explanation. It's very much appreciated and easy to understand the delay.
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So if we have another stash we can set/convert maps in it to a different (i.e. legacy) series to save all our old Deserts, Courthouses, etc?
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drenched 👌
blue blade flurry mtx plssss
also crystal earth shatter

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