Scourge Fan Art Competition Winners

We're launching a Scourge Fan Art Competition which focuses on any content from our current expansion, including The Last to Die, new Skill Gems, Uber Endgame content, Expedition and of course, the Scourge demons.


it was easy to miss but it is on the first page.

I missed that, thanks for pointing that out.
Congratulations to all the winners, tho I'm particularly happy seeing my favorites from Li3si, StellaTheSlaya and nasling on the list.
My hideout showcase thread:
My fanworks thread:
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Exile009 wrote:
Shovelcut wrote:
Congrats to all the winners! Perhaps it's time to revamp the valued poster program and give these artists some love with a Valued Community Artist title! Contest after contest you see the same handful of people either winning or getting a highlight and it's been that way forEVER! Show these people moar love GGG. :D

Maybe they could interview some of the frequent winners, just as they've done for streamers but also a few of the prominent hideout creators and toolmakers

This is a good idea.
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Congratz to all winners! :D Well deserved top 3 choices, and a nice selection of mixed media showcased throughout the rest of the top 20.

Also big thanks for running these competitions, gave me a nice opportunity to finally get the wacom out after a hiatus that lasted way too long...t'was about time! Looking forward to the next one~
The Chase by Aotenshin

Absolutely deserved. Such an amazing work of art. Dude nailed it.
Last to Die by kujalla is now my wallpaper, so awesome!
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