New Microtransactions: Project Wither, Contagion, Blight and Bane Effects

nice not bad
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Essence drain and soulrend? You don't even know anymore what skills are in the game? I bet you wouldn't miss them if you were nerfing shit.
Everything's so fucking green.
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Soulrend ?!?!?!
Nice !
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I really dont like the green color for these skills. To me green indicates more of a poison colour in this game, and most of these don't get used as poison DoT skills.

Why not some other form of purple design other than celestial for these skills and for the skills mentioned earlier that weren't included in this package like Soulrend and Essence Drain?

Guys, ED already has a green mtx...
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These look great!

Can we have a perforate skill effect pretty please? There's none for that specific skill gem.
I've recently taken a YUGE bite outta PoE. I've owned the game for years and JUST NOW started playing in earnest (as in, made it to maps).

I love GGG's platform. F2P w/ Microtransactions. I've already pumped $90 in for my Stash Tabs and will undoubtedly be paying for some cosmetics. Great F2P games tend to garner my support in the form of cash shop purchases. PoE is miles beyond great and warrants this support, at least, where my money is concerned.

With the above stated, and having read the comments concerning these new Effects, I was curious if GGG has ever considered offering color palettes for Skill Effects?

I dunno. I mean, I dig new skill animations with wild color variations, but perhaps adding color palettes to the standard skill animations at a reduced price might go over well..?

Generally speaking, skill animations could have 2 to 5 colors that could be interchanged with purchases from the shop. Three was what I was thinking. A core color and two accent colors, but whatever GGG ran with would probably be better than I could conceive.

At any rate, happy hunting all! And Happy Holidays!!
Those are unplayable. There's no room for more screen clutter in this game.

Pay To Lose...
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