New Microtransactions: Project Wither, Contagion, Blight and Bane Effects

Forbidden Rite when?
Amazing. More Project mtx please.
These are the things we lost in the fire.
If we had the same level of communication about Scourge issues that GGG applies to selling MTX, we would all be happy.
Yay! More green MTX!
Green, not buying. If it was red! Insta purchase
Why is it that only the herald MTXs are usable with more than one skill? Why not make skill MTXs usable with 5-10 skills at least? That way we don't have to use the same skill over and over again just to use the MTX. I mean, why wasn't this "here's the theme, here's the skills it's usable with"? Literately the way you do the heralds.
Any chance for an Arctic Armour effect, the Stormcloud one looks pretty bad, I own it and refuse to use it. Default one looks better imo.


- Fire Tornado
- Swirling Spirits
- Ice & Snow Vortex
- Celestial Typhoon
- Stygian Stasis
- Lightning Twister

You get the idea..
The Rusty Shack!
Can we have a new spell called "Runway"? (see what I did there?)
Please new demonic spectral helix
Vaal Blight has a poison nova vibe, my dreams come true 😍

Soulrend is missing tho
IGN : Rose__the__hat
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