As a follow up to the recently published pieces of fan art created by our players, today we'd like to share some more. This round includes digital fan art and a tattoo. Check them out below!

Chaos Orb Tattoo by thebrokenglasstheory

The-Hellsong - commissioned piece by Joe_Duncan

The Cursed Words Fan Art by Kretone

Templar Statue Fan Art by Xand32

If the talents of your fellow Exiles have inspired you to create your own piece of fan art, make sure to submit it to our ongoing Scourge Fan Art Competition! Find out more about it in this news post.
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Grinding Gear Games
I really like this interpretation of Sirus. Great job.
I love the Sirus art. Is it a painting?
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Sirus would be way cooler if he looked like that in game!
Chaos Orb and Cursed Words in particular look great.
My mirror thread
Sirus the mega-daddy.
Very good and Amazing good looking Sirus not like in the game that looking a f**king clown, not to mention the stupidity of the fight, top worst mechanics boss fights of all RPG games ever, basically, he's a weak clown who teleports around like a coward and waits for his apparition to do the work for him. Talking about the apparition, what is this bullshit. Real GGG
rly amazing art and super cool looks
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gigaCHAD sirus ye
I can’t reconcile the voice of sirus with this interpretation of how he looks xD
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