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Not a fan of the rest, but Sirus looks good.
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Like the Sirus portraits. Gritty and realistic.
amazing *.*
This showcase doesn't do the one wtih Bex's card justice! Holy shit that looks so good in 3d, well done!

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Wow the Sirus art just looks amazing. Really cool and realistic design. A pity that he doesn't look like that in the game.
Sirus looks phenomenal.

Made him look like an actual person (not a stab at the game, because he's a monster of sorts)

In game due to the engine I think looks also very good but.

In a more 'global' or general sense, because you can't see him in detail and I don't even know if he looks like that but again.

Great... Job.

Sort of wished that I could draw like that...
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FinesseGawd wrote:
I love the Sirus art. Is it a painting?

Here, here!
That one also. Definitely Sirius and that!

EDIT: Is there am easy way to approach all the community art created so far? Would like to make small package... Thank you!
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