Save the Date for Upcoming December Events

cool ty!
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Master Crafting Service Scourge SSC craft PM: TreeOfDead
sounds cool!
yey...i love events i can not win a thing because i am a casual-player which is employed! But okay, why should GGG give a fuck about normal players with work :)
Delves endless ;-;
Endless Delve was fun but it could be more fun. ^^

Some improvements would be:
- crafting bench
- Navali
- being able to play with a friend
- characters not being voided
I loved harvest league.
I liked the reintroduced harvest mechanic in ritual league.
I hate the harvest nerfs with a passion.
I think this will be fun! I'd like to see exclusive league specific content for not just Delve, but for Incursion and Heist and the other fun leagues as well!
Imagine dropping a mageblood or a mirror in endless delve lol
When are we getting Endless Heist GGG?
Which, if any, of these events will be available on console?

Not mentioning us in the announcement is just further proof that console is a *tiny* afterthought for GGG.

(Further because there are many other examples, like getting our patches 2 weeks after PC without fixing any of the console specific bugs or problems).

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