The community never ceases to amaze us with its talents. From digital artwork and music to tattoos and cosplays - we love seeing that Path of Exile continues to inspire our players. For today's news post we've gathered several pieces of recent Fan Art, created outside our ongoing Fan Art Competition. Check them out below!

Chaos Orb Tattoo by AlexZohanLevin

Path of Exile Tattoo by AnzuJaam1

Scourge League Wallpaper by QueenNie

Scourge Pet Model by etherealSTEVE

Oshabi Cosplay by Nox_Eterna

Path of Exile Builds by Amysmadeofwax

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Grinding Gear Games
last pictures are so cute ^_^
Cool arts
Cosplay is really nice!
The last job is toilet paper after the toilet, right?
mirror service
mmmm a tattoo of poe... that's a not a bad idea, I'm only worried that the content might be nerfed afterward and to regret the tattoo xD
Oshabi Cosplay by Nox_Eterna rly looks cool
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Scourge SC Master Craft Service Scourge SC in SSC craft!
Master Crafting Service Scourge SSC craft PM: TreeOfDead
Those pictures are adorable
i love the last one
I like tattoos with chaos orbs, it's good to see such talented and engaging community

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