3.16.1 Hotfix 2

Keep this up and it will be just like WoW.
You guys notice the game was great till just a few years ago, basically when GGG sold off most of their company. This is the kind of thing that happens when GGG doesn't bend to thier new overlord's developement wishes. Tencent has a history of making games "fail" if the developement team doesn't obey every whim.
no notes for the patch i got this morning, non steam standalone pc.

what i did notice was 6 maps with harvest in each one back to back plus more crafts in each plot. a player told me in game chat that people were whining on reddit about something and GGG put a patch out for whatever they were whining about. dunno, but you would think GGG would be more concerned with fixing ACTUAL issues first instead of the tunnel "vision" they currently have
poe is going down fast. playing Last Epoch now. much better game
This league is a piece of shit.
Thanks, Chris for our happy childhood.
please remove downsides of scourged items (not talking about maps btw) and you'll get a much more happy player base that will more than likely play this league longer!
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The things you need to fix are obvious. Nearly every player and every streammer says over and over again things you need to fix. You can fix it by taking a day off, but you still don't. Why?
Fix bug Scourge Bad League bug bug bug
Since the last hotfix the game keeps constantly crashing.
Black screen although graphic card still is on.
have to hard reset the PC.

DX11 or Vulkan doesn`t matter. (DX11 crashes even faster then with Vulkan)
Disabled multithreading doesn`t matter too.

Intel i7
Win10 64bit

- No comparable problems in other leagues or at the start of this league -

Edit: Installed the newest nVidia Driver 496.76 and it is still happening. Seems even faster now that it happens. Sometimes it is enough to start the game, don`t even login, just spend 1-2min in the option panel and it crashes, without any changed being made.
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Whats up with the radio silence? Can we at least get a post about what you guys are thinking? It has been a long time since we heard a peep from you. :( I'm needy please give me attention.

Post could be like "Hey Y'all, we hear you give us a second" and that'll tie me over for a couple weeks.
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