3.16.1 Hotfix 2

As a result of this fix, Tainted Divine Teardrop no longer affects crafted modifiers or modifiers that can't normally roll.

wait, so if you use a tainted divine on a item with elevated mods can it DOWNGRADE elevated mods? or is this fixed and will no longer happen
GGG, its time for "Future plans" post. Rework scourge modifiers please.
another shitshow league lol

I think i'm done with this game until PoE2, this game is becoming a farce.
Eternal loading still exist ,are you going to fix this s...t ????????????
so sad GGG let Scourge die like this :|

It's quite a fun mechanic, but the rewards are utter bs.
Nice Hotfix. Keep up the good work. League feels great!
sirgog wrote:
xeotech wrote:
You guys don't think things out clearly do you?

You have to assume that everything you create will be exploited by your players.

If they had established more of a precedent of banning players for exploits a lot less of this would go on.

The gilded fossil issue was flagrant cheating, this has been hotfixed before. Accounts involved (not people who did it once or twice... but anyone who used 500+ horizons on gilded fossil maps) should just be deleted alongside an announcement like this: "we permanently banned 77 accounts for this exploit including 9 that had 40/40 challenges in multiple leagues".

Divine Teardrop is different as it's not something with a past precedent.

If they HACK the game, then yes perma grade ban hammer.
"exploiting" game mechanics that just WERE NOT PROPERLY TESTED BY THE DEVS?

That's on the devs full stop.

To ban players simply because the players KNOW THE GAME BETTER THAN THE DEVS is just plain stupid and creates a purity spiral that also happens to be a death spiral.

Devs stop releasing buggy shit, people like you can stop complaining when people USE the bugs.
I think they could add a bit of insentive for the players that report bugs. Like give a mtx or something. Maybe the reports would get posted faster
wish GGG would do more QOL and more change while this leagu still run... but looks like nope
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