New Microtransaction: Demonic Waypoint

Ok , very good MTX
so, league is still doomed as every other before after releasing it? you wont adjust krangling stuff to usable levels? sadge. next league will be same - present something with potential but without willing to make it work.
not today Satan, not today
That's looking cool and all, but sort of disconnected from the game? It's not diablo with catholic undertones etc
Very nice!

Now, we need a Celestial Waypoint :)
Happy Slipknot Fanboy noises**
Coming soon, socketable waypoints!

Jokes aside this seems pretty neat!
To accept a challenge from the Void is merely suicide for the unprepared.
Hell YEAH! }:=>
Playing for joy ♥

If interested, check out my Hideout(s): /view-thread/2226019
PSA: Doesn't play nicely with Entombed Hideout :(

Reported as a bug.
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