New Microtransaction: Demonic Waypoint

I hope some more way points are added. I actually like this idea, though I personally would not use this one.
Is this something we can slot on our characters to change all of our Waypoints? Glad to finally see one of my suggestions from about 6 years ago finally make it into the game.... Still tons of missed opportunities. And where are the character portraits? [Removed By Support]
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ok nice, if we're gonna start selling waypoints, we need an "invisible" one or "just some glow" or something like that so i don't have to worry about fully hiding the grey square under the waypoint marker of my choosing, thanks.
A green waypoint would be nice. Something like the Apollyon or Corsair mtx.
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This Soviet star looks good
[Removed by Support]
As much as I like this mtx the fact that it only has one variation means it's a no-go for me sadly.
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Finally! some waypoint MTX! Can we get some mat variations for us minimalists, that would be awesome too!

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awesome new idea! Appreciate it

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