3.16.1 Patch Notes

3.16.1 Patch Notes

This patch contains a few small improvements, and fixes various small- and medium-importance bugs.


  • The Maximum Life of Non-Reaper Minions displayed in Skill tooltips is now affected by the less Maximum Life modifier from a Summoned Reaper. This is not a functional change.
  • Added a 10 second Grace Period when visiting the Mine Encampment from within the Azurite Mine.
  • Added 3D art for Atziri's Acuity.

Bug Fixes

  • Characters that were previously able to equip a Wand and Melee Weapon at the same time have had their Wand disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where Delirium encounters in Scourged Maps with the "Rare Scourged Monsters drop 1 additional stack of Simulacrum Splinters" modifier would cause splinters to drop at the end of the Delirium encounter, rather than on killing the Rare Scourged Monster.
  • Fixed a bug where the Laboratory Map boss could become inaccessible if the final lever was used during a Scourge encounter.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to snapshot Curse Immunity to circumvent the Scourged Glove modifiers that Curses you.
  • Fixed a bug where Elemental Overload was not working with Totems, Traps, Mines, or the secondary projectiles of some skills such as Cremation or Molten Strike.
  • Fixed a bug where Tornado could deal damage through walls.
  • Fixed a visual bug where "20% chance to Impale on Hit" granted by the Physical Mastery was not displayed in the Character Panel.
  • Fixed a bug where, after dying, the Survival Secrets Unique and the Profane Chemistry Notable Passive were not causing Flasks to gain Charges.
  • Fixed a bug where, after dying, Necromantic Aegis was not applying bonuses from an Equipped Shield to your Minions instead of you.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Link Skills can target Damageable Minions" Minion Defence Mastery allowed Link Skills to target Totems.
  • Fixed a bug where Belts with some Energy Shield and Armour modifiers could not be reforged with random modifiers, including a Defence modifier, through Harvest crafting.
  • Fixed a bug where Temporal Rift would have to be reactivated after logging out.
  • Fixed a bug where the calculation of Physical Damage Reduction against Damage over Time could drop below zero.
  • Fixed a bug where some Veiled modifiers on the Cane of Kulemak Unique were not having their magnitudes increased.
  • Fixed a bug where some modifiers were missing the Attribute tag.
  • Fixed a bug where crafting recipes could still be obtained within the Temple of Atzoatl.
  • Fixed a bug where killing the Guardian of the Phoenix would grant credit towards the Defeat Shaper Guardians challenge, even when the area did not have the "Minus maximum Player Resistances" modifier.
  • Fixed a bug where the chance to Suppress Spell Damage per Frenzy Charge modifier on Legacy Darkray Vectors was not functioning correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where Brands could be hidden under the floor in some areas.
  • Fixed a bug where the Viscera Cauldron quest item description was incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where The Lord's Labyrinth quest implied you were still required to complete multiple Trials of Ascendancy in Maps before being able to access the Eternal Labyrinth.
  • Fixed a bug where some Synthesis hideout decorations were not being exported to hideout template files.
  • Fixed a bug where some effects on the Oblivion Toxic Rain Effect Microtransaction were ending prematurely.
  • Fixed 3 instance crashes.
Has any exile really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
Last bumped on Nov 12, 2021, 9:24:30 PM
ty GGG for fixes

GGG pls dont drop this leagu! pls do more changes to leagu and make it smoother pls!

its not bad leagu and scourg could be even best leagu if do MORE changes to it and make QOL while it ran!
dont drop it pls!
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Harvest wasn't a mistake.
perma map overlay in red glow to show where ive visited while in scourge realm? ty
I love harvest

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Pls Change or give the Scourged Map Mod "Shift in and out of Nightmare on killing a rare or Unique" to have a cooldown. It's insanly annying in juiced double Beyond maps. You shift every 5 seconds even when you shift out asap again. Or make it if you manually shift out it has a cooldown.
They gotta do something about the league mechanic and krangling items fast.
Everything about the league is great except for that.
It's one of the worst part of a league mechanic I've ever played with, basically a talisman generator.

When the league announced I actually thought we would be krangling our gear to make ourselves more powerful. What a letdown. The only thing ppl use it for is to farm divine orbs.
Fix blight maps please. Blighted Terrace inacessable, blight monsters invulnerable even though they are displayed on map.

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